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    Gone over to the mac side of life

    Hey all Finally got a 13 inch mac book white 2.4 ghz 2gb ram version with leopard installed on it. Just wondering what essential software i'd need free or otherwise. I listen to alot of music, read news, check facebook and playing abit of spore on it at mo. So whats kool thats out 4 it? 100%...
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    Wiring a telephone box

    Hey all, Just wondering if anyone knows how to wire a telephone box up to a telephone with an extension box to connect to a pc? Basically for some reason we cant have our phone and internet working at the same time currently. UK Sockets btw. Thank you.
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    Asus P5WH Deluxe MP3-IN With iPOD

    Hey everyone From the title you can see what motherboard i have, MP3-IN feature allows you to use your computers sound system, in my case a creative inspire 5.1 speaker set on an xi-fi soundcard while the computer is turned off. The device is setup in the system and has a single port on the...
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    Problems with Vista & Talk Talk Modem

    Hello all, a friend of mine has a problem with their ISP Talktalk and the modem ( HUAWEI SmartAX MT882 ). The Modem worked previously with an old XP SP2 machine but now using Vista Home 32bit the modem will only connect through USB not ethernet. (Wired Connection) Connects to the net via usb...
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    Allow PS3 + XBOX 360 on same HD TV

    Hey all, I Currently own an xbox360 which is attatched to a 37" HD TV. I'm planning on purchasing a Playstation 3 in a few weeks for metal gear solid 4 and some other exclusive PS3 titles. However i dont want the hassle of changing cables everytime i want to use one console or the other. Is...
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    Time Capsule and Steaming

    Hey All, If i have a new Mac, a Mac Laptop too can i buy a time capsule place all my music, documents, videos etc on it and stream it to the two? i.e. i find the drive on my Mac computer double click a video and have it play? or do i need to move the file over? I read somewhere i cant do that...
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    Nero 8 Burn process fails

    Hello All, Im Currently using Nero 8 Ultra on Vista SP1 32bit. I used to occasionally get an Error stating the burn process has failed when burning converted video files (My Dissertation project) to DVD, I.E using Nero vision, dragging my video in and letting it encode to watever to...
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    XP SP3 Corrupt WMI

    Hey, I Recently installed Service pack 3 onto an XP SP2 Laptop. Everything seemed ok at first untill i tried to connect to my uni's wired network (Wireless works fine at home) however it throughs an error and asks me to input the Authorization details in the network connections area by right...
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    Ubuntu 8.04 Final Boot issue

    Hey everyone, Recently installed Ubuntu using the webi installer, everything went ok. However how do i start Ubuntu? is there an icon on desktop (for virtualisation) or do i need to restart and boot? I installed it on my E Drive (8gb install) and when i chose ubuntu it says something about...
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    Help! Installing 4GB of Ram on ASUS P5W DH Deluxe

    Hello all, I have an ASUS P5W DH Deluxe on a custom built PC from, it came with 2GB already on it placed in the orange slots, i recently purchased: 1 x OCZ 2GB Kit (2x1GB) DDR2 800MHz/PC2-6400 CL 4-4-4-15 PLATINUM XTC with LIFETIME WARRANTY and placed them in the black...
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    Installing Secondar Hard drive help!

    Hey all I Have a P5W DH DELUXE Motherboard, it was a ready made computer. The computer came with a 160GB Serial ATA II Hard drive, as its quite small i have ran out of room. I've removed my old Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 120GB ATA/133 Hard drive from my old computer and i'd like to place it as a...
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    Wireless backlit keyboards? and a gaming mouse help

    Hey all Does anyone know where i can get a decent but not stupidly expensive wireless keyboard with backlights under the keys (Ideally red) and what is a good gaming wireless mouse? Any help and opinnions would be great, and if u know the prices even better. Thanks. Ste
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    Control Vista Desktop with Wireless 360 Controller

    Hey all, i recently purchased the Microsoft Wireless reciever for windows (Vista), and its really good, specifically on kane and lynch. However i remember seeing a video somewhere of someone controlling there vista desktop, moving mouse up, down etc using nothing more than the wireless 360...
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    Quake Wars Lan Problems

    Hey all How do i create a LAN Server on quake wars, basically i want to create the server on my computer and join the same game from my computer and let my friends play on my other can i do this? Ive tried using the server launcher but i cant get the hang of it. Any help would...
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    Please Help, XP Load Issue

    Hello all I turned my PC on today and found that every time it gets to the Windows XP Logon screen, well just before it where it says Windows Starting, the computer decideds to restart, i tried booting in safemode to find the same issue, so i cannot access safemode either. My windows XP...
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    NetBeans Programming Help

    Hello, My current problem is... How do i create a Welcome message to a user and then ask them to input a designated password such as "Hello12345" before accessing the program? The Bigger problem im slowly progressing on is: Been trying to learn abit of Java through Online Examples and one...
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    Java Help

    Hello How do i get a txt box to show data in Char 11 from Records, such as a serial number? Quite Stuck, please help Thanks P.S Also Need to set another txtbox to only contain 6 Digits, how do i do this?
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    AMD Processor Drivers

    Hey All Just wondering if i need to update my AMD Athlon Processor driver, ive never heard of these drivers before untill yesterday and have never updated them. Is it worth doing? What problems do they fix? Any improvements? It Wont mess my computer up will it? I Looked on the AMD Site...
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    Internet Usage Tool

    Hey Today i recieved my final notice from my ISP to limit my downloads so without it happening again i would like to use an internet usage tool to find out who downloads so much on my network and perhaps set limits to bandwidth and total bandwidth etc. Is there any such program out there...
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    Panasonic Drivers

    Hey All I need Panasonic NV-GS1B Driver for XP very quickly, its a digital camera plugged into the firewire port but nothing has come up and there isnt a cd for it at the mo. Please Help Thanx Ste_W