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    Yet another "pages won't load" thread

    :) Problem solved!!! And not a moment too soon, as I was running out of hair to pull out of my head. Still not sure why it happend... Possibly a conflict with a recent MS critical update. I had my router set up with WPA2/AES which had worked fine for months. Tonight I switched it to...
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    Yet another "pages won't load" thread

    Well.... ebay, yahoo, and myspace are working now for whatever reason, but once site still refuses to load. This was my dialup internet provider and I still have my email through them. I cannot access their webpage, or their mail server (via Outlook Express) when I'm...
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    Yet another "pages won't load" thread

    Yeah... t'was just a joke. Update: Fix seems to have been temporary, I'm back to not being able to load,,, and possibly other sites. Very frustrating. :mad: ebay hangs on "" yahoo hangs on "" myspace hangs on...
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    Yet another "pages won't load" thread

    Ouch... one of those "Oh [favorite expletive]!" moments, eh? :nervous: Well... I'm not sure why I suddenly had trouble accessing the handful of sites listed above, but I ran the TCP Optimizer tonight and now I can access the sites again. Weird, weird, weird... I had two 21" CRT...
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    Yet another "pages won't load" thread

    I read through that thread, but I haven't tried the fix yet. Is it common for an ISP to suddenly change MTU settings for no reason? I have been with Time Warner for years and never had a problem. Also, I would assume that my desktop would also have issues if Time Warner changed MTU...
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    Yet another "pages won't load" thread

    Hello fellow gurus. Two of the sites I visit most often now seem to take five minutes or more to load, or do not load at all. Problem started about three days ago. Nothing on the PC side has changed, except for a couple of MS critial updates. Here is the situation: Cable internet...
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    Do not display icon associated with file

    OK... I'll see if it changing it to the generic icon works. The problem is a slow network folder with a ton of files in it that is VERY slow to respond while XP refreshes the icons from the generic icon to the icon of the associated program.
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    Do not display icon associated with file

    Well... I have a problem with conflicting apps, so rather than having and "advanced" button that would lead me to the "change icon" button, I have a "restore" button. But... Do you know where I can find the generic windows file icon, assuming I can find a way around the aforementioned...
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    Do not display icon associated with file

    OK wizards... Long time no post, but I have a challenge for you. My ultimate goal is to code an on/off program to do this, but I need a starting point. How do I prevent XP from displaying the icons associated with files in Windows Explorer? I don't mind if it displays a generic icon...
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    Cannot ping or ipconfig from command prompt.

    Yup, Kerio was blocking it. Thanks the fix!
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    Cannot ping or ipconfig from command prompt.

    Hello all. XP Pro with SP2 installed I just set up a wireless network using a Belkin Pre N router. I have all of the security options enabled. I'm also running Kerio Personal Firewall. When I attempt to ping or run ipconfig from the command prompt I get an "access denied" error. I...
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    Error: No language support detected

    Check out Cactus' second post in this thread. It should fix your problem:,No,language,support,detected
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    Did Windows Update Kill The P2P Star?

    Roadrunner here also. Download speeds are usually very high, but uploads are terrible. I also just downloaded a batch of 12 MS updates tonight. I notice that with, every consecutive test I run, regardless of if it's an upload or download test, returns slower and slower results...
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    osnn photo contest

    Here a couple of mine that I like: My dog: Jenny Lake in the Tetons:
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    Anyone Remember Me?

    I remember you from the XP-erience days.
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    I remember Never got a t-shirt though. :)
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    Funny Picture Thread

    Goes along with my weird sense of humor....
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    Its Like A New Site

    My 234 posts.... gone forever! :) And I've been building that number since! Heads will roll! :)
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    Flashget, Net Transport or Stardownloader

    NotBold_Fortune, or Bold if I may be so bold... :) Try this app. Share Monkey Speedup It is a great companion proggie to KaZaA or KaZaA Lite. It forces KaZaA to search for more sources more often, and can sometimes make a big difference. (remove the space... didn't want to hotlink)...
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    Hard drive diagnostic links.

    Stumbled upon this while I was digging around for hard drive diagnostic programs... Thought I'd share. Kudos to kONGO at for compiling the list. HDD Manufacturers With Diagnostic Tools: IBM has sold the hard drive part of their business to Hitachi, the new company is...