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    MAC newbie and NAS web admin page

    Thank you for your help on this one ....
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    MAC newbie and NAS web admin page

    thats all very cool and will work but is that not the same as a windows hosts entry and defeats the object of DHCP ?? regards, Dan
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    MAC newbie and NAS web admin page

    ok so now I am really confused. If i go to http://nas.local <-- this works if i go to http://nas <-- this does not work so what is all this .local jazz?
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    MAC newbie and NAS web admin page

    yup, http://ipaddress works just fine .... but not by name. Additionally I have tried to ping by name from network utils and get unknown host. The lan is connected via a wifi router issuing DHCP addresses
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    MAC newbie and NAS web admin page

    Good morning, I have converted from PC to MAC with a nice shiny macbook, obviously the learning curve is pretty steep at first but I am getting there! my only real issue is I have a NAS with a web administration page hosted on my local network. I can connect to smb shares on my PC's but...
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    picture of first computer?

    neep neep with the home built spectrum ZX81 ./... a joy to behold, fifteen hours of basic programming to get the bouncing pixel ...
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    September 2008 Desktop Screenshots

    Lame question .... what is that media player application .... sorry !
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    Issues with Vista media center music library and vista resume from suspend.

    Thanks lord for the response, The twinkly pixel I am certain is driver related but have yet to finder a driver that resolves it fully ... I think the term twinkly is a little misleading maybe. the monitor is a 50 inch plasma ... and the only time I get the issue is after a resume. regarding...
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    Issues with Vista media center music library and vista resume from suspend.

    Good afternoon all, I have posted the below on numerous newsgroups and even on experts exchange in the vain hope there is a resolution. I hope and pray that one of the resident gurus can assist. I have now been working with mce and vmc for over two years during which time I have changed...
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    MASTER TUTORIAL: Make Your Windows VISTA Super Fast

    and is he a recognised MVP or is that just an ego thing ???
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    MASTER TUTORIAL: Make Your Windows VISTA Super Fast

    apologies for the flame, however here goes non the less. This post serves no great purpose other than to disable the sole reason for upgrading to vista in the first place, the tips recommended here simply disable graphical and audible features that aim to enhance the user experience. Could...
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    keep my 6 digit int 6 digits!!

    I agree this is a commonly raised issue with newb programmers. I guess the easiest explanation i have given in the past is that from an internal system perspective you dont need the leading 0's as the take up space when stored in a database. To this extent the leading zeros are only used for...
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    Stupid Excel Question

    the option you are looking for is called split and its on one of the view ribbons/ D
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    To - Do List

    outlook calendar ? or is that an obvious one .... if so there are many shareware freeware todo list apps... google them ... if you want an example pm me and i will find a list. D
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    Problems giving permissions to folders... they don't work!

    a good test for sanity is to ensure that the folder is not inheriting permissions first off ... set that and apply next grant the user concerned full priveledges on that folder and subfolders ... apply next go to advanced and select the check box for apply settings selected above ... apply...
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    Ping Predefined IP's and return results in a Text file or message box.

    in its simplest form although i agree there are far too many products out there that do this .... (see the prtg website they have an uptime monitor). ping hostname > logfile.txt will save the results in a logfile for you to peruse ... you could then use logfile parser (microsoft) .... to...
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    Send To Question - QuickLaunch Shortcuts

    inspired fitz ... i script vbs for a living and didnt consider this as a possible solution to the issue good work well done.
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    Concurrent Remote Desktop for Windows Vista

    out of interest what happens if two users log in as the same person with the concurrancy patch enabled. D?
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    Media Center - Repair Question

    There are a number of files on disc two that are only ever used during an OS install of mce 2005 ... my only suggestion is to try and get a copy of the disc on DVD if possible and see if that works if that too fails then you can rule out the media and look to an unrepairable O/S requiring a...
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    Group Policy Troubleshooting Tools?

    i am guessing you have already tried the group policy modelling tool in gpedit on the dc's? there was also a group policy tool shipped by microsoft addon for AD? D