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  1. BonyTony

    Firewall question...Remember Sygate?

    Well firstly hello, its been a long time since I posted on fact it seems a lifetime ago. So i`ve finally moved from XP to Windows 7 and I need to install a firewall but would like one similar to Sygate which is now dead, any suggestions?. I like to see what data is being...
  2. BonyTony


    Goodbye....i was going to leave it with that but i thought with the time i have spent here in the past i would state why i am going (this is no way an attack on NTFS...just why i am going) 1st. Just before the big change where alot was lost my sig was altered and i am not going to repeat what...
  3. BonyTony

    Universal hands free kit fits all phones Only £1

    Dont be a fool and break the law get one of these and be safe Universal hands free kit fits all phones
  4. BonyTony

    Can you find me a 3.5" Bay HDD System Cooler >

    I have been looking for ages tonight for a cooler like this one here 3.5" System cooler in the UK for my little shuttle case (due to the wife having the central heating on full all the time !!). So if anyone can enlighten me where i can get one i would be very happy and grateful:D
  5. BonyTony

    Nvidia Nv System Utility v1.0 is Out !

    Well it seems that Nvidia has finally released its overclocking tool for Nforce users (it is just for Nforce users right ?) You can get it here Click Me direct from nvidia themselves....also read about it here too nvOverclocking Be warned though overclocking can Borx your system up so be...
  6. BonyTony

    Whats the deal with >

    coathanger007 ? A new thread for each new app ?... Yes they are informative and even some usefull but why not just call it "coathanger007 apps thread" instead of flooding Applications forum page 1 and 2, if even a few of us started doing that the forums would get bogged down;) . Anyway...
  7. BonyTony

    UK Bargins > Post them in here

    Well the title says it. All currency in Pounds I tend to stumble across a few bargins so the best i will post in this thread. 5% off crucial ram UK & US on first order can be found HERE AMD 2500 Barton @ 65 HERE AMD 2600 Barton @ 88.13HERE AMD 2800 Barton @ 100.95 HERE...
  8. BonyTony

    How fast will the Barton 2800xp go ? Quickie !

    Just seen 1 and i want to know how far it will oc (looked around found nothing conclusive)...i was going to get a 2500 but the 2800 is only a little more.
  9. BonyTony

    Pentium 4 2.4b (533fsb)

    Due to an upgrade to an 2.4c i have my 9 month old 2.4b (533fsb) cpu for sale it has only been in 1 system and not overclocked (due to sis chipset on motherboard corrupting hard drive). The cpu is provided without a cooler and is in as new condition i wish to sell quickly due to...
  10. BonyTony

    2 Questions 1 memory and 1 Sata HD`s

    1st off :- i need to buy some cheap DDR 400 memory and on the crucial site they have ... 512MB DDR PC3200 • CL=3 • Unbuffered • Non-parity • 5ns • 2.5V • 64Meg x 64 Is it any good for overclocking and has anyone got some as to offer an opinion on it. 2nd :- I also need a new HD...
  11. BonyTony

    Windows XP Home Edition (OEM)

    Just upgraded my Pc and got (Legal) Xp Pro thrown in so now i have a spare Xp home edition (FULL VERSION) for sale.....i bought it OEM so you get the CD (original) and the Legal sticker with the key on it and any other documentaion i can find to go with it. Not sure if anyone wants it or what...
  12. BonyTony

    Keyboard Prices Rocket.....Shock !

    Buy one before its too late and you can no longer afford one..... due to a world shortage of the letter "A":eek: prices have risen. Example Here > Keyboard Price
  13. BonyTony

    If you have a problem with BF1942 1.45 patch read

    Well it seems alot of people keep getting an error message " Integrity Check Failed for Incremental Patch. Erroneous 1.04.001 installation detected, please reinstall BF1942" when installing the 50mb patch for battlefield 1942 from here Click me so unfortunatly the only way to fix the bug is to...
  14. BonyTony

    A few External DVD Burner questions

    I am thinking about buying an external dvd burner (brand still undecided and still reading info) and wish to know in your experience which way to hook it up is better through Firewire or USB2 as i have both on my Shuttle SS51G....and also if you can still get a 4x burn ( enough data output ) on...
  15. BonyTony

    BF1942 Secret Weapons of WWII Demo Download

    Electronic Arts has released a playable demo for Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII, this demo contains one map Hellendoorn and selection of new weapons and vehicles. Its 164mb :eek: Links below. Linky Linky 2 Linky 3 Linky 4 Linky 5 INFO Secret Weapons of...
  16. BonyTony

    New Creative Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 &1024 Driver Update

    After reading on warp2search about a new WHQL driver from gateway Linky for the Creative live 5.1`s i looked further in to it and found out that the driver they are telling you about is for DELL soundcards and you must have the dell factory installed drivers in already:mad: (please correct me...
  17. BonyTony

    Free Online Unlocking of Nokia Mobile Phones

    Just thought i would give a heads up on an online service that i just used and worked a treat.....Supports most new Nokia phones too. Link to here
  18. BonyTony

    12 megabits per second for $21 a month

    Read the article HERE ...i don`t have time to chat ...i`m packing my bags and moving:)
  19. BonyTony

    ATI CATALYST 3.6 Out Now

    For all you guys/girls with ATI cards 3.6 is out get it from ATI HERE
  20. BonyTony

    Increasing Windows 2000 and XP Security

    May be of some help to someone:confused: ....Read it > HERE