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    MAC newbie and NAS web admin page

    Good morning, I have converted from PC to MAC with a nice shiny macbook, obviously the learning curve is pretty steep at first but I am getting there! my only real issue is I have a NAS with a web administration page hosted on my local network. I can connect to smb shares on my PC's but...
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    Issues with Vista media center music library and vista resume from suspend.

    Good afternoon all, I have posted the below on numerous newsgroups and even on experts exchange in the vain hope there is a resolution. I hope and pray that one of the resident gurus can assist. I have now been working with mce and vmc for over two years during which time I have changed...
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    Server Infrastructure guys please read !

    Good evening all, i am responsible for an infrastructure consisting of 30 servers (all w2k3) on two sites linked by a ten meg les line. i am looking to implement MOM as a mechanism for monitoring the servers switches and APC ups units. has anyone has any involvement in this sort of set up...
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    Anyone Feeling Sig creative?

    Good morning all, i am looking for a new sig as i am sooooo borred of my sig / ava combo at the moment, looking for something clean and creativly amazing!. anyone got some spare time and feeling generous? Thanks Mooz. (moozically-confoozed)
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    .:CPU Temperature :. (too high?)

    Hi all, i am running a Socket A athlon chip at 1300 and mobo monitor reports average temperature of 59 degrees on the cpu i have had instabilllity probs in the past and was wondering if anyone knows the ideal temperature for these things to run at ? any feedback would be great Cheers...