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  1. Techno Child

    Car Concert Application

    Hiyyas! I guess this would go here under "portable entertainment devices" :nervous: Anyways, I do audio reinforcement for many live gigs; some of which are in remote areas with limited (if any) power. I don't really want to mess around with a generator, especially for smaller gigs and such...
  2. Techno Child

    Interesting AirPort Discovery

    I'm just going to start out saying that I'm sure everyone already knew about this, but I haven't posted in awhile and some of you might find this as interesting as I did about 5 minutes ago... I was in a destruction mode and I took apart one of my old iMac G3 CRT comps to see how it was put...
  3. Techno Child

    The Final Show 2007

    This is a continuation of last year's thread - "Light Show 2006" Hey guys... sorry for the downtime, I'm on a little - eh... "vacation" :yowch: There are new plans for 2007 and they are about 70% complete... The new project is called "The Final...
  4. Techno Child

    Filtered Sub-network

    Hey guys, Right now I have two wireless home networks - one that is password protected and another that is open to everyone in the area. How could I setup the open network to filter a list of urls, and maybe even set a bandwidth limit? I have a few Pentium pcs lying around that aren't doing...
  5. Techno Child

    Mac: Join Vid Files?

    Hey everyone, Any idea where I can get a good (free preferably) program that joins together video files? I'm usually just working with .avi's or .mpg's from my camera and I hate to keep converting them to .dv and importing them into iMovie when I'm sure there has got to be an easier way...
  6. Techno Child

    Security Agent Crash Log

    Please help! I have been up most of the night and all morning trying to get this system running... Seems like something corrupted the SecurityAgent, and an image is missing. Any ideas? Host Name: system3s-ibook-g4 Date/Time: 2007-06-29 08:47:26.984 -0400 OS Version: 10.4.8...
  7. Techno Child

    Hey guys. I finally got the site back up last night... I would really appreciate any comments, suggestions, or... insults :nervous:. I got the font color up to #d9d9d9 in most places, so visibility probably won't be an issue. (marge :rolleyes:) Cheers! -tc
  8. Techno Child

    Archive Entire Site?

    Hey guys. How could I archive my entire site directory? I do have access to the parent dir, so I could run a php script to archive the folder containing the site. The only problem is, when I put the folder name in place of the file to be zipped - it doesn't archive the contents of the folder...
  9. Techno Child

    Let's Scrap the Internet and Start Over

    NEW YORK — Although it has already taken nearly four decades to get this far in building the Internet, some university researchers, with the federal government's blessing, want to scrap all that and start over. The idea may seem unthinkable, even absurd, but many believe a...
  10. Techno Child

    Network Home Page?

    Hey everyone. I have been wondering how to do this for quite awhile now, just finally have enough time to look into the matter. I noticed that when you use most hotel's internet (both ethernet or wifi ) the network will override the user's set homepage, and will greet you with a page (usually...
  11. Techno Child

    Site Down Page?

    Hey everyone. Once again... this may not be possible, I tried looking in several places already. I have started to accumulate servers in my home as a small datacenter for my local intranet. Right now it is also setup to be accessed online, however if I am doing a reboot of one of the...
  12. Techno Child

    Terminal Dialer?

    Hey guys. Is there a program that can be accessed via terminal that can call landlines through a built in modem? Ive been googling all day, haven't found a thing except telnet, which I think has nothing to do with this. -tc
  13. Techno Child

    PHP Either/Or

    How exactly would this be done? I realize that this basically means if both conditions are true, then continue... How would I set this up so that if either one is true, the script will continue? if ($a == "a" || $b == "b") { continue }else{ dont continue } thanks -tc EDIT: oh yeah...
  14. Techno Child

    Linksys router sending wrong ip address...

    Hey everyone... I have a router that automatically updates my DynDns account for the home server, and everything usually works just fine. Every now and then when the connection is reset, the router sends off it's local ip address instead of the newly assigned address from my isp. How can I...
  15. Techno Child

    Restore iBook Keyboard Mapping

    Is there any way to restore the default keyboard mapping on the internal keyboard? I just exchanged the Japanese/US keyboard that was on the unit when it was upgraded to Tiger with a regular US one, and the ()'s fall on numbers 8 and 9, " is created with shift + 2, and + is created with shift...
  16. Techno Child

    Wirless Keyboard Case

    I just bought a bluetooth keyboard from Apple and was wondering what you might use to transport them. I've been trying to find a keyboard sleeve for the last 48 hrs, finding only this unstylish one - I was hoping to find one that...
  17. Techno Child

    Neato Gadget

    Check this out - Anyone see these yet?
  18. Techno Child

    Audio Quality?

    Hey everyone... I am trying to transmit our nightly LightShow onto radio via low - power fm transmitter. When I plug my iPod into the transmitter, it sounds perfect - the pc however sounds like crap. I have tried adjusting the volume, balance, bass/treble, and changing the equalizer to...
  19. Techno Child

    X11 Issues...

    Hello everyone, I am trying to install GIMP on a Powerbook G4, and the OS is 10.4.8. When I try to run the installer, it stops and says that X11 should be installed first. So I go to Apple's website and download X11 and try to install it. X11 says that there is a newer version installed, and...
  20. Techno Child

    Free Mac Video Editor

    hey does anyone know of a free video editing program for mac? It doesn't have to be very fancy, it's just for basically cutting a long vid in half and saving it in two files. Thanks guys, -tc