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  1. Kush

    Abu Dahbi Government invests $662 million in Amd

    does this mean its ganna be another time where the best cpu's and gpus change from intel and nvidia to ati and amd lol
  2. Kush

    How to use a pad xml File?

    Hey guys, i have become a mirror for spybot recently and i wanted to have a download page for spybot since im only listed in the program as of now, so the spybot team told me that to update the file name automatically on my download page i have to use their pad xml file, in my html or something...
  3. Kush

    powerbook g4 not booting from dvd

    hey guys my friends powerbook g4 (1ghz) will not boot from dvd i have an os x 10.4 disc inside and go to startup disk and tell it to boot from it, doesnt work just boots from the hdd. i also tried holding option on the boot, also hold c on the boot, nothing! well when i hold c it gives me a...
  4. Kush

    iPhone Browser Exploit

    well looks like we will have 1.1.1 cracked soon! same exploit as the psp, pretty crazy huh? i had actually thought of how they used the tiff exploit on the psp when they first cracked the iPhone and now they are going to use it on the iPhone for the new software LOL:laugh:
  5. Kush

    Vista, Mac, and Suse all working in harmony!
  6. Kush

    DvdFab adds HD-DVD backup support Blu-ray to come Soon :)
  7. Kush

    New Laptop (Sony 13.3in)

    Hey Guys, I gave my laptop to my mom, and decided to get a new one, i've decided to get the new sony 13.3 inch ones they are very very very sexy and have good specs at the same time my question is, can i get one of ebay (which will be cheaper and different specs to choose from than the sony...
  8. Kush

    Microsoft Access Help?

    Hey guys, i have an access project for my computer class, and considering i dont know much about access, i think i did ok, but i want to make sure everything is the way it is suppose to and do it myself than paying someone else to do it for me.(its some pretty interesting stuff actually):) so...
  9. Kush

    Xvid dvd players and HR Video Files

    Hey guys, i download HR (High reslolution) hdtv rips of show episodes from bt and i was wondering why my friend and another person that mentioned the same problem online cant watch them on their xvid enabled dvd players (there is sound but no video). is it maybe because the files are too high of...
  10. Kush

    Which Brand for sata II?

    thinking of getting an sata II drive and using it externally, (i might use it later on though as an internal thats why sataII) im ganna probably go for a 500, usualy i know there isnt much difference but what would you go for? has there been any drastic change (good or bad) in any of the major...
  11. Kush

    Cool Suggestion for E-Punk

    You know how we always link to videos on youtube etc, well i found a cool easy to add bbcode for vbulletin that use the tag videocodehere to insert a video in the post <table class="tborder" cellpadding="6" cellspacing="1" border="0" width="466"> <tr> <td class="smallfont">...
  12. Kush

    I'm Back

    yeah i know i havent been on in a while, but busy with so much poopoo but thought i would drop by and try to post as much as i can. was i missed?:lick:
  13. Kush

    Canadian Student Builds 3,145 mpg Car

    yes thats nuking futs! i bet hes ganna be filthy rich if he sells his idea to a car company, thats can get him across canada on 5 dollars, might be slow but its a huge achievment imo
  14. Kush

    N80 Prices in Europe(sim free)

    hey guys was wondering on the prices of the n80 (black) in a few select cities in europe now, london, paris, and dont know which city in germany i might go to so lets just say Germany.
  15. Kush

    how is this done in photoshop?

    ok guys im sure theres a tutorial somewhere out there on how to do this, i dont know what to search for though. how are these professional looking color fade etc effects made in photoshop? sorry if its hard to undresstand what i mean,:nervous:
  16. Kush


    this is just nuts, imagine how good of programmers they are to pull this off (yes of course there is harder, but i think this is really cool) ps ull have to register but its worth it
  17. Kush

    My Other Site

    yes i know administering sites gets so addicting, well i made a free dating site, everything is free, because i got pissed on how all of them say they are free and then make you pay for everything, well i made mine 100% free for the users. Google ads should help but thats not the point though...
  18. Kush

    Gigabyte I-ram

    alright so heres an attempt at solid state storage for use as main storage pretty damn impressive Clickity Click
  19. Kush

    Ps3 Video Leaked

    Linky The screen im using is messed up, but from what i can see, it rapes the xbox 360
  20. Kush

    Flash Help please?

    i suck at flash, i need to help my sister for their company they have a flash file (it was protected) i unprotected it and just need to edit some phone numbers in it. when i convert it to a fla file, all the text goes crazy so i just need someone who is a flash guru to edit it for me with the...