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    Taskbar notification area icons after Explorer crash

    I'm sure others are familiar with this situation too. Sometimes Explorer goes to such a halt that the fastest way to sort it is to open Task Manager (with ctrlaltdel if the Task Bar is frozen) and kill explorer.exe, then restart it using File->Run.. However, after the restart some icons don't...
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    Monitor standby

    Okay, so this could possibly mean that the usual power off/on would strain the monitor more than the standby function, becuase of degauss. I read from a Viewsonic manual that the manual degauss (accessible from the monitor's menu) shouldn't be used too often and could damage the monitor - that's...
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    Wanna See A Satisfied Pussy?

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    Which video card do you use?

    Riva TNT2 Ultra
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    Monitor standby

    Is there any difference between normal power off and standby; maybe standby strains the monitor less? Reason for my questioning is that lately I've been starting to hear a high buzzing sound after powering on my monitor. It goes away after a few minutes. It's a brand new monitor (Samsung...
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    Merging partitions

    Thanks, that worked.
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    Merging partitions

    I'm trying to merge partitions with PartitionMagic 8.0. These two partitions are on an old Seagate HD which is about 12GB in size. The partition I'm trying to merge is empty. Both partitions are NTFS. Seems like all is going well but somewhere near the end of the merging operation I get the...
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    Monitor standby

    Is there a way to make my monitor go to standby state manually? I was thinking that maybe there's some command I could Run, for example.