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    Empty Blank File Upload in ASP?

    i was wondering am i able to don't put any file in a file field and upload to the database and assuming it will not update it? The language is ASP This is the 3 field... If i don't select any file it will give me error. <INPUT TYPE=FILE NAME="THEFILE" value=""> <INPUT TYPE=FILE...
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    NTFS File system corrupt

    I have an WIN 2k SP4 running on 1 workstation. The problem i'm having is the NTFS seems to be corrupted. i can boot into windows but i cannot access c:\ not even when i right click the drive to have a look at the properties. It just shows nothing so i suspect the file system is...
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    Looking for several fonts.. help

    I'm looking for several fonts Arial Light Condensed Arial Light Extended Arial Bold Condensed Arial Bold Extended Arial Extrabold Condensed Arial Extrabold Extended
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    PC Won't boot up - display problem..

    PC can't boot when using the following setup (just can't boot using this x800pro but can boot successfully using other card ) AMd 64 3000+ 2x256 Kingston Hyperx PC3200 450W PSU Gigabyte x800pro dfi lanpart ut250GB but it works on my other rig using the same card.
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    Doom 3 - Distort

    Help.. i'm getting distort and cut off sound in Doom3 when only in Surround Mode.. What's happening? i've install latest driver for my s/card, v/card and etc. Here's my machine
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    Speaker | Creative Vs Logitech

    I'm getting a new speaker. But i dunno which one should i get. I mostly watch movies and play games. The 2 speaker are Logitech Z5300 and Creative Megaworks 550. Both are THX
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    200 GB in a partition

    I'm using Win XP Pro. and was wondering whether does the computer or the OS support 200GB in a single partition. THis is for video surveillance system as the file ate up spaces like no people business.
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    tron 2.0 stuck

    guys.. need some help here.. i'm stuck in the cyclic power stream there. i found the switch but i dun have the permission for it. its the second 1 (clockwise on 2 o'clock).. where is it? i searched thru everywhere and i cant get the permission for it. :confused:
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    ASP SmartUpload componet woes

    i cant seem to use this component.. i'm using iis5.1.. it just gave me a page cannot display screen after i execute the script. anyone can help me with this?
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    connecting 2 pc

    I've installed both pc with network cards and i connect a cable to each of the card.. there is no switch used here... but the problem occurs... i cant connect between the two pc. how am i supposed to do it?
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    SQL Server Installation

    i've installed the sql server 2000 and i'm running iis 5.1 and how do i actually configure it so that it can use MS Access database? i've search thru google and cant seem to find the right tutorial or instruction for it. Hopefully NTFS-guru can help me with it
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    php trouble

    i've installed the phptriad 2.11 and everything config went smoothly but when i execute the script... lets say this <?php $myvar = "Hello World"; echo $myvar; ?> the output should be Hello World but it gave me HTTP/1.1 500 Server Error Server: Microsoft-IIS/5.1 Date: Tue, 02...
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    Land of Monsters, Gangsters, and Pop Stars!

    Have u guys tried out this game[]? it's a text based game similar to try it out click here
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    ata raid card aint detect hdd

    i have this ata raid card for my 2 hdd but this morning, it does not detect the hdd. all i have to do is shut down the pc [by pressing the power button] then wait a few seconds then i powered it back on and it manages to detect the hdd. Why this is happening? running a amd athlon xp...
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    Unmountable Boot Volume in XP

    Is there a fix for this? If yes, please let me know the link. I'm facing this problem for a few days and my presentation coming in a week and i dun think my supervisor would be pleased to see that blue *fu^%&$#* M*CROS0FT error msg. :mad:
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    new processor and mobo

    i'm getting a new cpu and mobo together with ram as mine just got struck by lighting.. which 1 is the best in term of cost. i'm looking at p4 2.4/533mhz/s478/512cache without HT. izit ok?
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    the worst forum of all

    THis is definitely the worst forum of all the WWW. I post a topic and got during one of the replies i accidentally provoked one of the moderator and my topic were removed immediately. Link Removed
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    glassy effect looks on graphic

    How do i do those graphic with those glassy effect such as in izzit using third party filter or pure photoshop blending option?
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    spdif cable

    guys.. i lost my spdif cable that connects from the sound card to the subwoofer. i own a acs56. where can i get a spdif cable?
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    Audigy 2 + ACS 56

    Will the sound quality good in this combination?I'm now owning a SB Live 5.1 and the sound is nice and planning to upgrade the sound card.