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    Win 2k3 login script on Win 7

    ok so heres there deal, i have a windows 2003 server pushing out the script below... The login script executes on windows 7, it maps all my drives EXCEPT the the maps with username/password specified. this works 100% on Windows XP. ' Create the Shell or environment for the commands: Set...
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    use two domains with exchange

    so what i decided to was configure outlook with two emails, 1 exchange which will default to and then configure a pop account so they can send from ... works great only problem is not im getting incoming messages twice, is there a way to set up pop on outlook for...
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    use two domains with exchange

    thanks for the kb link, i currently have that set up and dont have a problem receiving. my problem is sending. ex: if im dealing with a abc client, i want to sent an email from and if im dealing with a xyc client, i want to send an email from i have exchange 2003 and outlook...
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    use two domains with exchange

    Good afternoon, I have a user with two email addresses each domain represents a different company, and when dealing with clients the user needs to send from the proper domain. any suggestions to accomplish this?
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    VBS Printer Login Script Based on IP

    hello, im trying to create a login script that will install the proper printers based on your ip currently we use two ip ranges and right now im trying to get this to work with 1 network, then i will introduce the second network once i get this working currently...
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    Office 2002/2003 - Not enough memory to open Excel w/ compatibility pack

    nope, and this is happening to multiple machines if not all my machines with office 2003
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    Office 2002/2003 - Not enough memory to open Excel w/ compatibility pack

    I'm in the same situation still. any new ideas? nothing seems to be working.
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    Office 2002/2003 - Not enough memory to open Excel w/ compatibility pack

    we have a mixed environment of 2003/2007 i have the office 2007 compatibility pack being pushed out via GPO. everything was working fine until recently. i even have a script to run on a user account basis to default change the save as settings to default to 97-2003. but my users still manage to...
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    Office 2002/2003 - Not enough memory to open Excel w/ compatibility pack

    Disabled anti virus, reinstalled computability pack, did detect and repair for office 2003. Same thing! every single time every single PC. we are using symantec endpoint, if that means anything
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    Complete Windows 2003 Standard Fail over

    I currently have one domain server running Windows 2003 Standard with the following roles DC DHCP DNS File Server Print Server I would like to have a Fail over server with the same exact roles. I would like one server to take control in the event of a failure on the other server, however i...
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    Office 2002/2003 - Not enough memory to open Excel w/ compatibility pack

    This has happened on some of my machines and i cant dig up a solution.. This effects Office 2002 and 2003 with 2007 Compatibility Pack non-sp1 and sp1. Opening native files i have no issues, but when trying to open an .xlsx file i always get " Not enough memory to run Microsoft Office Excel...
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    Exchange 2003 w/ Two SMTP Domains

    after reviewing what you provided, i think what I'm trying to do is have two recipient policies. one policy would tell any user in OU ABC that is their Primary address, and another policy too tell any use in OU XYZ that is their primary address. would that be correct ? at...
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    Exchange 2003 w/ Two SMTP Domains

    I have two SMTP Domains in one forest. i already have the users separated by OU's i would like these rules applied to the specific OU's OU abc - Primary e-mail is * OU xyz - Primary e-mail is * How would i go about doing this? any help is greatly appreciated.
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    Merge Two Domains??

    my company has recently purchased another company, we would like to roll that company's Domain controller into our current domain controller. how do we migrate the domain and clients into our existing domain without having to visit each client desktop. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    VPN Trouble

    Windows server 2003 ------ Sonic Wall TZ 170 Standard <------> Linksys RV016 ------ Windows XP Sonic Wall Global VPN Client. i've been having trouble getting the Windows XP machine to connect to the Sonic Wall VPN, i finally got that fixed, but now that its connected it doesn't connect to the...
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    2k3 shutdown w/ update - Help!

    Hey guys needed to restart my server due to exchange issue, i hit shut down with update, but its hanging on the update! its been installing update 1 or 2 for about 30 mins. any suggestions ?
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    Vista OEM Key for BOTH 32bit and 64bit ?

    I wanted to know if the Vista OEM key is valid for both 32bit and 64bit version of respected edition. thnx
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    Automatically delete History in IE7

    Hello, I have IE7 setup on public computers; I need it to automatically delete history, cookies, etc on exit. This feature is on firefox, however I tried that approach and the users weren’t too happy, so I immediately switched back to IE. This feature is important for public computers and I...
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    Dell Inspiron 700m bios password

    thank you guys, i was just trying to aviod having to contact the original supplier as that will take time, which is something i dont have :) looks like i have to wait :nervous: Thanks again