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  1. xsivforce

    Great times from 2005!

    Anyone remember these nutjobs?
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    This isn't where I parked my car!
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    more later...
  4. xsivforce

    Finally ready to talk

    Years ago, when Electronic Punk visited in Orlando, several of us members got together. I was always ashamed to mention this but after much therapy I feel this should be known. While on the dance floor, Electronic Punk touched my butt. One time I would have brushed it off as an accident but...
  5. xsivforce

    I farted in this thread

    That is all. Enjoy the aroma. I miss you all more than you know. Much has happened since last we visited. I moved back to Texas in late February and decide to change careers. I shaved my head (now Evil Marge will fall in love with me). I hope Jewelzz still loves me. Electronic Punk, I...
  6. xsivforce

    Gmail Problems?

    Anyone else having trouble logging in?
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    Doggie Dropped It.
  8. xsivforce

    Electronic Punk Fan Club

    Still going strong. We are now having a membership drive. I think there is free beer...and stuff...
  9. xsivforce

    Electronic Punk Fan Club Meeting

    We have beer...and we should not meet in the site issues section. Here's to a man who rescued this site from imminent doom a couple of years ago... which far outweighs any technical "glitches" since. Have a drink on me EP. :up:
  10. xsivforce


    I miss the "top" link...EP knows what I mean. Thanks for everything Boss. We all appreciate the hard work and dedication.
  11. xsivforce

    The Apocalypse has begun

    The first sign of the Apocalypse has now come to pass. This past Monday night, at the Den of Satan himself (link)was a meeting between the two most diabolical minds in recent history. "Electronic Punk" and "xsivforce" had their meeting at Pleasure Island at the Walt Disney Resort. After...
  12. xsivforce

    Choose My Sig

    Contest: Best post about what OSNN means to you. It could be about the people you have "met" here or help you have received or whatever. 100 character minimum. Prize: You pick a Signature Image or Text for me to use for 1 month (30 days). Eligible: All OSNN Members. Yes, the Admin, Mod...
  13. xsivforce

    Just asking for a pummeling

    These smileys are weird, they keep looking at me and are in need of an ass kicking :nervous: :squareeye :laugh: :cheeky: :tired: Is it just me?
  14. xsivforce

    ha8w ro see with one rue

    hi0ly shiw!
  15. xsivforce

    Henyman pr0n links

    Big Dave's Cow Page
  16. xsivforce

    Who did it?

    Who poked this smilie in the eye? ;)
  17. xsivforce

    Looking for a writer

    If you have a strong grasp of the English language, know the do's and dont's of html (very important) and design and want something to do, let me know. This is for an upcoming site. Serious replies only. :up:
  18. xsivforce

    Almost legal, 17 yr old hottie!

    Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah and a Happy New Year!
  19. xsivforce

    For your Christmas List

    Get it before it is gone. Link to Target.
  20. xsivforce

    Do Not Give Me Rep Points

    Do not give me rep points or else...