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    Too much hard drive activity! How can I stop it?

    My hard drive is constantly click away. 20GB of the 80GB is used so theres plenty of space. It keeps working away when Im using the computer, not when its idle. I have closed Windows Desktop Search as I thought it was indexing and its still working away. So its not that. It even did this...
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    Sick of Flash crashing all the browsers!

    I really loath flash and this is just taking the piss >_< I use IE7, Opera 9.02 and FF 2 and Flash keeps crashing all three! IE gets an error, Opera lags like hell and then stops responding and FF become in operable. Ive disabled all add-ons for FF and disable Flash on IE but some sites...
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    WLM: Always offline!!!

    I am using WLM8 (812), latest version. My problem: No matter what status I choose, I am always appearing offline! To all my contacts. I have added myself on msn and when I sign on, the pop-up for me does not come up which means I am offline! I have downgrade and re-installed msn to no avail...
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    Need some guidance for SATA.

    I am going to get another hard drive for the computer and Im wondering about some things. I currently have a Seagate SATA drive at 74GB and the mainboard can support another 3 drives. I have WinXP SP2. BIOS will be updated. Its an ECS board with the 915GM chipset and supports only SATA/150. Is...
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    Large vs Small file sizes

    Can the sizes of files affect the performance of a hard drive? I have two hard drives: 74GB, 7200rpm SATA, primary, partitioned in half, WinXP is installed on this drive, 5GB used. 233GB, 7200rpm IDE, secondary, filed with stuff, no system files, 160GB used. My problem is, recently, my...
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    WindowsXP Serial key question.

    Can the serial for XP Home be used for XP Pro?
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    Vista and the Internet.

    I cant access Google of all sites! Im using Opera, Firefox and IE7! and I cant get to google! Is there anything that I need to change to stop the page errors from happening when I try to go onto sites? Its happened here too.
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    Vista and Windows Live Messenger

    WLM keeps signing out. I tried looking through all the options and I cant determin what could be causing this. I use WLM in XP and it very rarely signs out. Any ideas? Specs: Realtek RTL8169 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter Netgear Wireless Router WRG614v2 (my computer is wired to the router) Trend...
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    Atheist - NEW VERSION I'd thought that this video would be quite interesting for other people hear, since there are a few topics which include christianity.
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    Judgement Day Is Upon Us!

    i Hope For The Sake Of Everyone That This Day Shall Not Be Lived To The Last In Vain! I Can Only Hope That While We Perish That None Of Us Will Suffer For Long. I Hope When The First Rays Of Light Touch Upon Our Lands Will Be Merciful! Do Not Fear! Only The Pure Souls Will Not Be Damned...
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    How do I delete a folder?

    How do I delete a folder? [SOLVED] I have a folder on my D drive, which is a physical secondary slave hard drive. Here is what I have tried: Safe-mode - delete - doesnt work Command prompt - delete - doesnt work Scan disk - delete - doesnt work Defragged - delete - doesnt work Tried a program...
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    Slow folder loading.

    Err, I dont understand how this could be? Is this like sods law? I have a secondary hard drive: I have a folder and within that folder, there are 400 sub folders and every time I try and view them, it takes a while to load. But! before, I had like 700 and it loaded as soon as I clicked. Whats...
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    Smash Bros. Dojo!! - Movie A quaint short film. I thought it was quite amusing. Especially the end :eek:
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    Over 2712.291287 megabytes (and counting)

    Over 2712.291287 megabytes (and counting) (GMail) Are they going to stop? Will they ever stop? I mean, like err, its been ticking away for some time now. Maybe Ill live to the day when I can store my emails into oblivion?
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    Computer freezes too much!

    In the past two weeks of the 7 months I have had this computer, I have been experiencing total loss of response of this computer. It happens randomly, its just freezes, loss of sound, keyboard and mouse are dead, nothing moves or blinks, there is zero hard drive activity. Doesnt seem to matter...
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    ISO Recorder - Powertoy for WinXP+ (Know When to Upgrade: do you need to create ISO image files? As the name suggest, these files are perfect copies of a CD, which you can store on hard disk and...
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    Virtual CD Rom Control Panel - a hidden gem from Microsoft I recently discovered this nifty...
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    Need help with Command Prompt.

    Im trying to create a txt file with the list of folders in a directory in the format: [level1]/[level2] I have managed this before but I have forgotten the commands and on the Microsoft site, I cant find the commands to remove the date and format it how I want on their either anymore. Can...
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    Intel Confirms End of Hyperthreading What does this mean for the AMDs that use Hyper Transport? Or is the AMD HT totally different?
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    White House Had Prior Knowledge Of Cheney Threat

    Link I think this is shocking news :eek: