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  1. 01010101

    add a second video card

    PC: Dell optiplex gx260 / winXP Pro 1. onboard video card - Intel 82845g/gl/ge/pe/gv graphics controller 2. AGP video card - ATI rage 128pro ultra GL Only the AGP video card is installed after installing XP Pro from a scratch . The onboard card is not even listed under the device manager nor...
  2. 01010101

    PC shuts down instead of reboot

    When I reboot my computer it shuts down instead. It happened after installing an application Puresight content filter. Didn't help uninstalling the application. OS: XP SP2
  3. 01010101

    How I can burn data DVD on CD-RW?

    I installed Nero 7 Ultra Demo, but it won't even recognize if I insert DVD-R 8x 4.7G DVD.
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    Gateway Solo 3350 notebook

    My friend got this notebook recently, there wasn't any OS installed. When I turn it on it would ask passwords for BIOS and HD1. I could clear the BIOS password taking out CMOS battery from its motherboard. I've been struggling to clear password for HD1, there's no visible jumper on motherboard...