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    Post of the CD Key

    I just came across this in an old document folder and this brought back good laughs. Anyone remember this? (you might need IE to view this file)
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    Happy Worker GeekMan

    Hello, World. Say hello to GeekMan. In the electrical rumblings and hypnotic winking lights of the early computing machines, the seeds of this creature began to germinate. Carefully nurtured through punch cards and vacuum tubes, the computer geek took hold of the business world, fighting...
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    The proper way to defraggle

    How to defraggle? :D
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    Do not smoke while handling ammunition.

    Not sure where to post this. As tragic as this news story is about, I just find it really funny. Man do I feel bad for the people and especially the soldiers.Source Smoking Soldiers Ignited Ammo Disaster Thu May 13, 8:57 AM ET KIEV (Reuters) - Two smoking soldiers set off tons of...
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    Orbitz 1024 or 1280

    Is there any real major difference? Orbitz 800 I can see that it really does shrink. On my 19" CRT at 1280 x 1024 res using 1024 or 1280 the fonts shift over a space or two. Tried it in both IE and FireFox.
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    MTU Values

    I have a linksys wi-fi router, should I even put the value in the router settings? Do I even need to put any values in my OS if I'm connected to my router too? Recommended Values # 576 - Dial-up Connections # 1492 - PPPoE Broadband Connections # 1500 - Ethernet, DSL and Cable Broadband...
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    LOL PS2 game - Yoshinoya

    Ever had that crazy, crazy dream of managing and running a beef bowl chain in Japan? Apparently, someone thinks you do. There's a game called Yoshinoya arriving on the PS2 in Japan on May 27 that allows you to seat customers, take their orders, and make sure "that the beef, onions, and rice come...
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    Weird error when logging in.

    I recently cleared my cache and cookies to fix an error with a site. So while logging into here I get this error. I don't get the error anymore. Error
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    What are you looking forward to in the near future?

    For me 1. The Two Towers DVD 2. Soul Caliber II XBOX 3. Dynasty Warrior 4 XBOX 4. The new DOCSIS 2 compliant cable modems 30mbits, I get to beta test it in September :D That's all for now. Anyone else?
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    Star Wars Kidd in Matrix: Reloaded

    Back by popular demand :D Matrix Reloaded
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    Super Heroes

    Funny Flash movie
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    Did something stupid when joining the forums.

    Hi... I'm new to forums and have already started posting, if some of you already hasn't noticed. Hopefully I can contribute something to the forums. Here's my story. You'll get a good laugh. :) A couple days ago I was browsing the forums, and said cool this is a place I would like to...