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    [HTML] Firefox/IE oddity workaround

    I'm not sure, but I think the way Firefox (and I'm assuming other gecko-based browsers as well) reads the page is having a rather naughty effect on the way this particular code is displayed: It's essentially a table inside of a layer, the topmost and bottommost cells stretch to the top and...
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    System Hang Troubleshooting

    I was wondering if anyone could offer me some suggestions as to how to go about fixing a problem I've had for the last few months. The hardware: Intel D865PERL (LAN, integrated sound[disabled]) Intel Pentium 4 (2.8Ghz, 800Mhz FSB, 1Mb cache) 2x512 PC3200 SDRAM (DDR400) Maxtor 120Gb...
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    User Profile Size, Half Life 2 Troubleshooting, Hell.

    I'm reaching the bounds of desperation. I just got back from school, picked up HL2 on the way home, installed it. It did not run. It would precache everything, the menu would start to fade in, and then everything would freeze. Tried again. And Again. The game always freezes somewhere between...
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    Magical Used/Unused Space on my HDD!

    What the hell is going on here? I hope I am missing something blatantly obvious, but my hard drive seems to be 20 or so gigs more full than it appears... which is irritating. Any idea what is going on, or better yet, how to fix it? many thanks
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    [ ? ] What Language Is This?

    101 101 013 010 084 104 097 116 032 ^ at first I almost thought it was octal, but it isn't... anyone have any sort of idea?
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    [HTML] : centered layers

    I'm writing a page in which there are two layers over top of one another (a swf in one, an image behind it in another). I would like to have the layers be centered in any resolution, rather than just writing it for basic 1024x768, but with my not-so-great knowledge of HTML, I dont know how to...
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    Digital Graphics Portfolios

    I have free time. A massively large, unthinkably great deal of it. While wasting some of that time surfing the magical thing that is Internet, I came across some sites that I hadn't in a while, and the led an hour long, unfruitful search for similar sites. What I'm looking for are online...
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    Internet Explorer Corruption

    My computer has been relatively clean for a while, I keep my ports closed all the time, and just last night I ran AVG 6 full scan AND Spybot Search & Destroy, because internet explorer was acting...strange. (and to no avail, both came up clean) I don't use it at all anymore, save for changing...
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    Virus in System Restore Point(s)

    Each time I log in (after the computer has been sitting idle at log in screen for any random amount of time) I recieve three or so alerts (from AVG) that I have a virus at (insert path of System Volume Information\_restore\{some numbers and letters})... I run a full system scan, and it finds...
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    Lorraine worm (how to remove?)

    diving through my windows directory, I discover that I have contracted the Lorraine worm - its pretty harmless, so I've read, but it is still the opposite of cool, and I'd like to have it removed...BUT I lack an antivirus program of any nature, because I am currently too broke to buy one. any...
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    Dock Icons

    for you, sir Hybrid :)
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    VideoLAN + screenshot (or otherwise)

    Any decent way to take a screenshot of a DVD in VideoLAN? There appears to be no internal function to do that, and taking a screenshot with Windows (via PrtScn) leaves a black box where the image should be... I had WinDVD before, which took nice screenshots, but lucky me I lose the disc (and...
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    Icon Replacement Woes

    Recently compiled my own shell32.dll with some icons that I liked (serenity sage) went into safe mode, replaced, rebooted, works gorgeous... with the exception of three little things: my computer, my pictures, and my documents icons have something against changing, I guess... the rest of...
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    Boot disk/Root disk/Install discs [slackware] ... help?

    been reading into slackware 9.1 (want to install on blank computer) and I'm surprised that I'm following, and its all going to plan BUT this may be an elementary question, but since Im not sure, I figured I'd ask before downloading 4x 650Mb ISO discs... on the buy page, it is made to sound...
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    Call of Duty + Catalyst 4.2 = wtf

    Picked up Call of Duty, brought it home, played YAY! fun... until the game stopped talking to the video drivers and sat doing nothing. Fixed that by updating to newest catalyst drivers (4.2), which fixed the problem BUT brought a new one: Now, when I adjust the brightness slider in...
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    what the hell is wrong with windows update?!

    installed Media Center 9 (never got around to it when I built this puter), and everything is gravy... then one afternoon, innocent as ever, computer automatically downloads an update, and I install it (something along the lines of "how media center opens media from particular sources") ...and...
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    Weeee! My College Application :)

    Have a peek at the materials and stuff here if anyone has some constructive criticism as to bugs in the flash, typos, garbage like that, or just want to say how sexy it looks - all very much appreciated - have to make sure I won't be getting laughed at when they see it (lol-yikes) :D
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    CD AutoRun application

    anyone know of any *free* applications that will write autorun files to get a cd to...autorun when inserted? I've reverse engineered some CDs as far as I could, and as far as I can tell, there is Autorun.inf, which points the computer towards some intermediary application which then runs the...
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    Fans of near silence?

    was wondering if anyone could point me towards some really quiet fans... I have 4 in case right now, but all are, well, loud as hell, and I wont just unplug them for silence's sake, because my beautiful baby would melt into a puddle of silicon and plastic :( on a sidenote... two of the...
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    Removing Shell Extensions

    anything I should know, or be careful of, before I clear out some weird stuff that has integrated w/ OS? (something installed, then uninstalled but left its mark by polluting my otherwise fine OS by integrating lots of useless features and headache-inducing options) btw, using RegCleaner to...