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    What would you change about these specs.

    here are a couple cases. My only problem with this thermaltake is that is has a fan on the side pointing at the cpu, which goes against the flow of the cpu fan it would be better if it was lower over the video card...
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    the newest aim is annoying.. help

    they'll try to do that I'm sure but they wont' be successful. MSN still works with trillian, I'm logged in right now.
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    bt upload increase?

    does the light on the bittornado window turn green? or does it stay yellow. If it stays yellow than it's probably because your router's firewall is blocking that port, so you'd have to open up the ports for it. If it's green than try lowering your upload, you could be uploading to much and...
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    Windows XP64 Advancement Program

    thats good to know its just a shipping I have to figure out if I want to get it or not. I think I do have an extra copy of xp anyways so I probably should just go ahead and give it a try.
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    Free XPPro 64bit Upgrade

    they send you a CD and you have to pay for shipping, which they don't actually tell you how much it will cost to ship. Just out of curiosity but how did you manage to miss all the threads, like the one right below this one, that answered your question?
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    Windows XP64 Advancement Program

    I went to the site and after I entered my product ID number and everything but than it along with the other personal information it asks for a credit card number... are they charging for this upgrade??
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    Lynchknot Firefox Themes (re-releases)

    wow very nice work. I like a lot of these you've posted. Now I'm looking at your site. EDIT: I like your site too, just the little flashing links and other subtle things like that are kinda cool
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    Anyone tested the Windows XP 64bits version yet ?

    what about driver support? That's what I've herd is pretty bad right now. I noticed ATI has drivers for 64bit windows, anyone tried those? Do they work well with games?
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    What's the best BT client?

    I've been using the newest version of bittorrent, 3.9. I was using bitcomet but I'm starting to like the official better.
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    Anyone seen this ?

    yea that company is almost completly fake. I was talking with a few people on another forum and they all tried buying laptops from go-l and not a single one of them got the computer. Someone did go down to the company's place and it did look legit. I still don't trust it.
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    AMD (Newcastle) Athlon 64bit 3000

    yea I agree. I have a newcastle but it gets hot realy fast when you overclock it. I wish I spent a little extra for the winchester.
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    SP2 Official Release

    There's nothing wrong with using this one, I actually like it better. This is just an all in one installer for all the updates including sp2 so that it's easier to update multiple computers. The smaller update will probably just have sp2 on it. I realy like this because I put it on a cd so...
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    New Computers with full XP CD?

    my sager came with a recovery disk but there's nothing on it besides xp. It came with a separate disk with all the manufacturers garbage.
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    Did you know...

    cool, didn't know that either.
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    Windows Media Player 9 and 10 TS

    Maybe you need to update you video card driver.
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    InterActual Player

    zoom player actually plays dvd's pretty well.
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    IE no longer default browser???

    I wouldn't worry about it. But if it happanes again than it could be adware or spyware. Maybe try running adaware and spybot.
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    Bit Torrent

    yea there aren't any ques with bt it must be ABC. The downloads don't start unless you tell them to. Check your settings to see if the torrents start downloading when the torrent is loaded.
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    I wouldn't use it. I don't like the idea someone sending my info to cnet.
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    Halo 2 3D screenshot

    Yea I agree with you on zelda. They were cell shaded graphics but they did an amazing job with it. I think most people where just disapointed that they changed the look part way through the development. Also the lighting in halo2 is suppose to be much better than the first. And you can't...