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    Dungeon Siege Resolution

    I just found out that alot of people didn't know this so I thought I'd share. For somereason Microsoft/Gas decided current hardware wasn't capable of handling dungeon siege at 1280x1024 so they didn't make it an option on the rectify this just goto documents and...
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    The Web of Thieves

    Does anyone but me find this article a little unbelievable? I mean first off they call high quality DVD downloads 650mb (if it's a true DVD or Telesync copy it's almost double that) Next they claim they take 58 million files offline (um how? what do they do track these people down and arrest...
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    For those wanting to get rid of Brilliant Digital

    This was fresh posted at it's how to uninstall BDE for those that don't want to be part of the brilliant Digital plan..i'm not sure if it works 100% or not cause I don't care if BDE uses my spare cycles :P Brilliant Digital Entertainment quietly installs its own software with...
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    I need a Sig!

    I've made almost 1000 posts...and I've realized I have NEVER had a sig..and it looks kinda annoying lol...can someone think up a good sig for me, you might win a pretzel or somethin!
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    Fasttrack tells truth about Morphues

    I've been telling everyone over and over that morpheus was NEVER attacked or DOS'd contrary to what everyone believes and what Streamcast/morpheus is telling fasttract is telling news the truth Until last week, Fast Track was made up of three separate companies that ran...
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    Some more 27.10 secrets

    Got this from Neowin Seems there are a few more hidden features in the 27.10 drivers, such as the ability to turn your screen upside down heh, just add this key to your reg note:I am a moron I changed the name from .reg to .zip to let me upload it, just rename the file and it'll be fine :)
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    Nvidia 27.10

    I installed these driver and LOVE them, some of the nview desktop features are cool, and my 3dmark score went up and i also haven't had a single crash yet....only problem I have is I use CursorXP to have the cool aplhablended cursors and all...and if I use Nviews desktop manager I can't see the...
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    Normal window noises dissappearing

    I've previously read alot of posts about the normal window clicks and such just stopping...I have a ghetto fix that seems to always work for me....just open up mediaplayer and let the default page load...then hit play...for some reason as soon as I hit play all my window noises come back lol...
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    XP how I love thee

    I love XP's little quirks that I love...for the last 2 weeks i've tried to update some of the stuff from the win update page just for the sake of the app compatibility update and such and the office XP update but update always failed for various reasons...then I add 512mb more ram...and...
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    Pentium 4 northwood 2.5ghz

    Hey everyone..if ya get a chance go to and then click on the link to the review and comparison of the new p4's to the athlonXP 2000+ What it basically shows is that even at 2ghz the pentium still gets BEAT by the athlonXP running at a mere 1.67mhz...whats even more interesting is...