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  1. Daeron Tinúviel

    Vista Resize Partition Error

    any idea on how I can fix this or what is causing this error? i want to install ubuntu but i can resize my partition to do it
  2. Daeron Tinúviel

    Tango WLM v1.0

    Tango WLM v1.0 Download @ DeviantArt
  3. Daeron Tinúviel

    WLM Skin: Bluesky V1.1 Final

    WLM Skin: Bluesky V1.1 Final My first WLM Skin, did it to match my current Vista desktop. Only for WLM 8.1.0178. Thkz to AdamVester & Willz How to Install: Unpack skin. Go to C:\Program Files\MSN Messenger and rename original msgsres.dll to msgsres.bak. Put msgsres.dll unpacked above in...
  4. Daeron Tinúviel

    WLM Skin: Bluesky v.1.0

    i made this skin to match my Vista desktop thanks to Adam&Willz for helping me out and to savedsoul for hosting Download: WLM Skin: Bluessky v.1.0
  5. Daeron Tinúviel

    PowerQuest Drive Image v7

    wanna know if some here use it and if it works ok under Windows XPSP2......
  6. Daeron Tinúviel

    MSN Messenger

    when i'm going to send a file to someone, when i click send files on msn it default to my documets folders is there anyway to change the location so it defaults like to D:\ any ideas?
  7. Daeron Tinúviel

    ADSL Overhead

    hi, I need to know what is the typical ADSL overhead and the typical speeds test results for conecctions that are between 256/128, 512/256, 768/256 and 1024/512.....Our ADSL modem/Routers are 2wire 1800hw.....any input will be very helpful thanks
  8. Daeron Tinúviel

    Quicklaunch problem

    everytime i reboot my quicklaunch is gone, i have to rightclick the taskbar,toolbars and select quicklaunch again, dont know why does this, any ideas? how can i make remember it has to stay in the taskbar? thanks
  9. Daeron Tinúviel

    Motorola WR850G

    guys i just bought this router and need help in how to configure to use bittorrent, any ideas???
  10. Daeron Tinúviel

    Vice city problem

    i just reformat install the game everything when i went to play for the second time the audio for the radio stations are gone as well for the dialog audio, all the rest of the audio is fine, any ideas?i uninstall it and install it again still same problem :(
  11. Daeron Tinúviel

    Better Configuration

    Which u think is the bets combo for a pc right now? A DVD-Burner & a DVD-ROM or a DVD-Burner & CDRW???
  12. Daeron Tinúviel

    IS7-E ABIT i865PE

    i bought this mobo and today i will be installing everything, also i bought my first SATA HD and need some adviced I want to use my SATA HD as my boot drive, no raid just the drive but do i need to install any driver before installing XP??? Also can i use my other ATA Drives???
  13. Daeron Tinúviel

    Compaq Laptop 2176RS

    hi guys i want to reformat this laptop to make a clean install of XP without using the recovery cd's that the machine question is that is there any problem with that? can i do a clean installl of Xp the way i do with any desktop pc or do i need to make any special considerations, etc
  14. Daeron Tinúviel

    ACDSee 3.1

    i have a legal copy of ACDSee3 and 6 6 is too fancy for me and is kind of slow so i went back to use 3 but i lost the upgrade to version 3.1 does anyone knows where i can get it??? edit nevermind i found it in their site, thanks anyway
  15. Daeron Tinúviel

    Dlink 614+ Revision B

    anyone has this router??? i'm having issues with it every 3 or 4 days router sort of shutdown,let me explain: you see i'm browsing suddenly net conecction disappear when i check router doesnt have modem ip's its just: i can disconnected from power...
  16. Daeron Tinúviel


    what is it? and why is suddenly on my pc....any ideas? i did search on google but what i have found doesnt make sense to always shows up after i turn on the pc or if i restart....i look in msconfig and in services.msc and icant associate anything with it.......
  17. Daeron Tinúviel

    Opening Links

    i am using right now MyIE2 the onlyu problem i had is that if someone send me a link thru Messenger 6, when i click it it opens in IE instead f MyIE2, how can i change that so it opens in MyIE2? MyIE2 is currently my default browser it open any link i open with the exception of those via MSN...