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  1. muzikool

    U.S. Open Playoff

    Is anyone else watching this? Tiger Woods vs. Rocco Mediate in a full 18-hole playoff. They're at the 18th hole now. Amazing.
  2. muzikool

    iPhone 3G

    I'm surprised there isn't a mention of this around here yet. Apple announced the iPhone 3G yesterday, which goes on sale July 11th. Pricing is a major change at $199 for the 8GB and $299 for the 16GB. Of course it operates on the faster 3G network, and it also opens up to 3rd-party...
  3. muzikool

    Happy Birthday to me

    Half an hour left in the day and just stopping by to pop-in on my birthday thread. But... nobody started me one cause you all suck! :p
  4. muzikool

    Greatest Prank Call Ever.
  5. muzikool

    Help! My web store broke! Give it a second to start once it loads. Contains sound, so watch your speaker volume!
  6. muzikool

    "Generic PC" icon in Leopard -- a bit below the belt?

    Thought this was too funny and a bit cruel. In Leopard, there are icons that represent networked machines -- many of the specific Mac models have corresponding icons. This is the icon that represents a "Generic PC." :laugh:
  7. muzikool

    R.I.P. Razr

    I'm finally saying goodbye to my Motorola Razr after almost 2 years with the thing. It was definitely an overhyped phone that suffered from some ridiculous hardware and software design flaws. I'm not a smartphone person, so I've settled on a nice little slider that I'm really enjoying so far.
  8. muzikool

    [Movie Review] The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

    This film isn't showing nationwide, yet, so you may or may not be able to see it depending on where you live. If it is showing in your area and you're considering seeing it, then it's a good idea to know what you're getting yourself into. The Assassination of Jesse James... is a 2 1/2+ hour...
  9. muzikool

    the Firefox has been captured!

    Don't worry, it looks like he's being treated well. :) In case this is old... I don't care. :p
  10. muzikool

    New Radiohead Album Coming Oct. 10 -- You Choose the Price!!!

    Radiohead shocked fans and the recording industry yesterday by announcing on their website the release of a new album, In Rainbows, on October 10th -- that's next week! The real shocker of it all is that they are doing this without a record label, and that they are letting fans choose the price...
  11. muzikool

    "Insanity Saturday" -- who watched it?

    Boy was this a fun day in college football! #3 Oklahoma loses to unranked Colorado on the final play of the game #4 defending National Champion Florida loses at home to unranked Auburn on the final play of the game #7 Texas loses at home to unranked Kansas State #9 Wisconsin barely...
  12. muzikool

    needing a few IE6 and IE7 checks on my site

    I've just re-worked a page on my site and could use a few compatibility checks for IE6 and IE7. I use VirtualPC on my Mac but I'm seeing problems in both IE browsers, so I'd appreciate a few more tests. The page is located here: If you...
  13. muzikool

    Pixelmator released

    Looks like the "Photoshop-killer" is available now. I'm downloading what I assume is a demo right now. Looking forward to playing with it!
  14. muzikool

    [Movie Review] Eastern Promises

    Been awhile since I posted a movie review, so this is a good one to start back with. Eastern Promises is the latest from David Cronenberg and he brings Viggo Mortensen back after working with him on the outstanding A History of Violence. This time Mortensen is part of the Russian mob and he is...
  15. muzikool

    Dallas explosions

    This is a couple of days old, but I just now found a decent YouTube video of the footage. This happened on Wednesday at a gas plant near downtown Dallas, about half an hour from where I live. Some gas tanks were sent flying over half a mile and a few even landed on the interstate nearby...
  16. muzikool

    Sprint doesn't want its customers anymore

    I came across this blog post today. The original link is below in case the image disappears.
  17. muzikool

    Hands-on with the iPhone: First Impressions

    Preface: Most of you know that I'm an Apple user -- I made "the switch" about 2 years ago -- but I believe in objectivity so I don't "drink the kool-aid" or fall under the "fanboy" mentality. If Apple screws-up then you'll hear about it from me, and if they do something great then I'll probably...
  18. muzikool

    Safari 3 (browser) Public Beta available now! Give it a shot, I'd like to hear some feedback on it from both Vista and XP users.
  19. muzikool

    "A Most Disruptive Technology"

    Some cool things are going on in the city of Richardson, a suburb of Dallas where my main business office is located. I've linked to an article below that I think some of you will enjoy reading. It's about Wireless Mesh Technology, which could quite possibly have a major impact on...
  20. muzikool

    mostly finished upgrading my business site

    I've recently finished with what I'd consider Version 2 of my business website. I really liked the old layout, but I decided I wanted something a bit less stylized, and with a wider content area. With the exception of a few final additions, I think the new design is good to go. I've checked...