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  1. falconguard

    Bohemian rhapsody
  2. falconguard

    Bios failure.

    Ok, I am pretty sure I know what this is but...Home desktop gets hung on the bios at the CPU. Everything thing else works just fine. Anything I could be missing?
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    Things you thought you knew. NSFW

    NSFW lest, I get in trouble, really quite enlightening:eek:
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    The Mitchell report and Baseball

    The Mitchell report was released today and some big names were on the list, including Clemens, and a host of others. It looks like the asterisk should be placed on the entire 80's era. Bonds is definitely on the list (like duh?) and what surprised me was Andy Petite. Obviously Baseball and...
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    UK Prison Population Will Include Whole Country by 2020
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    Happy birthday sean.ferguson

    W000t!!!! Happy Birthday
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    tags messed up

    Are the tags messed up, or did I become a mod and miss the party?
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    Happy Birthday Jimi_81

    We know you still pop in from time to time, so Happy Birthday!
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    Fantasy Brackets

    Ok we do this for football and I know KC has one running for the NBA. So here is the pitch... Yahoo has a fantasy March Madness, pick your bracket. If enough people are interested we can get this up. Put your thoughts up, Yay or Nay. Netryder has to play, seeing how he goes to UCLA
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    pre-released ps3 video

    Cnet has a video up of a pre-released ps3 check it out here Of course this is only for the elite few who will actually own one, everybody else just gets to drool. The HDMI means this is the high end...
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    Another Admin password problem

    Ok I've received this compaq laptop from my sister in law, where she forgot her admin password. I've reset the password to the system, however some idiot at Best buy set up an admin account as well as a guest account. So now that the password is reset I cannot log in to either as they are...
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    Sony just doesn't get it

    Furor Over Sony Patent Technology that could prevent resale of games and other digital goods raises speculation, fears. By Dawn C. Chmielewski, Times Staff Writer July 10, 2006 Sony Corp. has patented technology that would prevent its PlayStation consoles from playing used, rented or borrowed...
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    Happy Birthday Mastershakes!

    Ahhhh, yer' gettin' ol' Happy Birthday!
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    Happy Birthday Sharob!

    I'm sure the folding team will chime in, but let me be the first to say Happy Birthday! Have a nice pint for us!
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    OK I know alot of people get the feeds at work (stupid internet.) So, this should make your brackets easier to keep track of, as well as decreasing your work productivity (stupid office policy.) Having said that from top to bottom here is what I got: Oakland regional; UCLA and I like Memphis...
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    Origami at MIT

    Because this is just too cool...Here is what you can do with 35g's a year and an advanced degree in mathematics.:laugh: The Guyver is way cool
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    PS3 Delayed? Say it ain't so

    I know this has been rumor-milled incessantly in the past day, but here is some concrete stuff
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    The jump to Suse 10

    Ok, I've downloaded my distro, partitioned my new laptop Inspiron 9300, and set up a 15 g partition and am ready to install. Wish me luck.
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    Muzikool's Virtual Bachelor Party thread

    I just had to start this, as he is getting married in 3 days...and we have'nt kicked this off yet. Taking the Big jump for all of male kind, our hero Muzikool. So hear's to beer, strippers, firetrucks...
  20. falconguard

    The California State Employee handbook

    This is making the rounds at hospitals 2005 California State Employee Handbook by Arnold Schwarzenegger SICK DAYS -- Ve vill no longer accept a doktor's shtatement as proof of sickness. If you are able to go to the doktor, you are able to come to verk. PERSONAL DAYS -- Each employee...