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    FS: ATI 9800 All-in-Wonder PRO $280 SHIPPED

    FS: ATI 9800 All-in-Wonder PRO *SOLD* *SOLD*
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    IE Timeout

    During an IE HTTP Secure session IE keeps giving me a Page Timeout error. This does not happen when using the Opera web browser but I cannot use Opera because it does not save the last dir used and prolongs adding files. Does anyone know how to up the IE timeout wait?
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    Windowblinds Theme --> Style XP

    Is there any way to convert a theme made for Window Blinds into a theme for Style XP?
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    Kazaa Question

    Why is it that the fastest I have ever seen Kazaa download is at ~25K/s and most go ~1K/s? When using WinMX I average ~50K/s.
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    TV Program w/Capture

    I have a Hauppauge Win-TV PCI Radio TV Input card and the program isn't working properly and letting me use the video capture feature using a DivX codec. Anyone know of a program that will let me capture the video in a DivX codec?
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    FS: Full Water Cooling Setup

    I have a full water cooling setup for sale including a custom plexy glass resivour. Pictures are at:
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    PS2/Xbox Emulater for XP

    Are there any working Playstation 2 or X-Box PC emulators that works with Windows XP?
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    DVD-ROM Problems

    Ever since I installed XP on my system my DVD-ROM does not show up as a drive. I even installed XP from it. Any suggestions on how to get XP to reconize the drive?
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    Alt-Tab Problems

    When I try and use the alt-tab function it takes a long time to show the programs running and to switch. Does anyone know how to fix this?