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    FS: ATI 9800 All-in-Wonder PRO $280 SHIPPED

    FS: ATI 9800 All-in-Wonder PRO *SOLD* *SOLD*
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    What is the best alternative to Napster right now?

    Ya but 98% you will still find 128 quality music and very hard to find high quality music.
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    What is the best alternative to Napster right now?

    Ya kazaa lite get all that low quality 128 bit music at high transfer rates. WinMX is the only place you are going to find high quality music. And you have obviously never used it if you think you are always going to get qued.
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    IE Timeout

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    Best p2p without spyware? ... the land of high quality mp3s.
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    IE Timeout

    During an IE HTTP Secure session IE keeps giving me a Page Timeout error. This does not happen when using the Opera web browser but I cannot use Opera because it does not save the last dir used and prolongs adding files. Does anyone know how to up the IE timeout wait?
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    linux distros on cd

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    Windowblinds Theme --> Style XP

    It almost is that easy...window blinds images are horizontal and style xp images are vertical also some images are split up from one another that aren't in the other program.
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    Windowblinds Theme --> Style XP

    Is there any way to convert a theme made for Window Blinds into a theme for Style XP?
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    Best Browser and Opinions

    Sorry ;/
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    Best Browser and Opinions

    Opera == The "poopoo". IE == Pile of "poopoo". Edited for "poopoo" X
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    Best Browser for XP

    Opera 6.02 is the bomb. Gotta love the mouse gestures! Also it is about 200% faster in loading webpages in IE.
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    Kazaa Question

    Why is it that the fastest I have ever seen Kazaa download is at ~25K/s and most go ~1K/s? When using WinMX I average ~50K/s.
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    WinME & XP Dual Boot

    What is wrong with Partition Magic 7? You can get it at
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    TV Program w/Capture

    I have a Hauppauge Win-TV PCI Radio TV Input card and the program isn't working properly and letting me use the video capture feature using a DivX codec. Anyone know of a program that will let me capture the video in a DivX codec?
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    160GB Drive Maxtor only recognized as 128GB

    Just partition up the drive...
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    Downloading Music

    WinMX is simply the best because you can easily find high quality music on it. You can get from
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    Warcraft III Beta cd key

    I do not own this page...just fell across it while reading this post and a search on google....
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    Windows Update...

    could you post a link please?