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    Need a little more help with my hd

    Ok, So heres the story, my original hard drive was a maxtor 40 gig, I picked up a new 120 gig WD cavier,se yesterday, I installed it today. I think i installed it correctly * its my first new HD* Windows xp installed fine, everything seems to be running right, I made 3 partitions roughly, 40...
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    Yet another harddrive question.

    Im just curious and I know this may be a noobie question but how do you tell what kind of hardrives your mobo supports? I need to find out what my computer can use it has a MAXTOR 6L040J2, 40 gig right now and I need to get a 80 or 120 gig HD Thanks
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    Directx 9 for win 98se

    Hi guys Ive been looking for directx9 for win 98se that is NOT the web install, Im reinstalling 98 on my GF computer and she does not have internet accsess so I need to find a full download for it. I happend to find a program that a guy created that has all updates except for mediaplayer and...
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    The best L.C.D or Plasma moniters?

    Good Day Ladies and Gentlemen, This is my first post on NTFS I have heard nothing but good things about your crew. I am currently looking for a new moniter $ is not an issue Within reason id say max 3,000 I set it that high because I know that plasma and L.C.D moniters *good ones anyways* are...