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    The Green Room

    Mauve is the correct spelling, myself I like P!nk :) Mauve can be defined kind of, (having) a pale purple colour, like Lilac I s'pose!
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    Tell me why I need a firewall.

    I think it will become standard with all isp's you have to have one. That's not why you should have one I suppose. Well one of the worst case scenario's is the little sheet's that run d.o.s. from thousands of machines infected with a trojan at major websites, your data can be easily manipulated...
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    The OSNN Debate

    I am not a grey person. I like majorgeeks, neowin, techconnect, iexbeta, winbeta and ntfs (osnn) and Could be a better site if it was spruced up with some yellow, green, blue, red and black. I am not a regular, I visit maybe 4 times a week. :)
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    Are you Gay?

    I passed, I can declare I am a Lesbian ;)
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    Old Software

    Hey nice find, takes me back to my youth. ;)
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    best dvd burning software?

    I use Roxio 6 too.It's great!