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    Samsung ML-4500 Printer problems

    A friend of mine has a Samsung ML-4500 Lazer Printer which she has attached to her Laptop which runs XP Home. XP doesn't pick up the Samsung, but I have got it working. The problem I am having is that the printer only has a parallel socket, and I have attached it to the USB socket on the...
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    Partitions - Any Advantage

    Any advantage in installing XP Pro on one partition, and Program Files on another partition, on the same Hard Drive?
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    Invisible system32 folder

    Anyone else ever had the problem of their system32 folder becoming invisible? It is not showing in the Windows Folder, and not in Windows Explorer. It also can not be found using Search. It does show by using the address bar to C:\Windows\system32 but that is the only way to find it. It has...
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    transfer from Old to New Computer

    I know that Ghost and Acronis software are good for creating a Drive Image, and transferring it to a new drive on the same computer, but what about creating an image and transferring it to a completely new computer?
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    Framed forwarding

    I have a Website that is 'framed' forwarded to a domain address. It works fine, but for a couple of seconds on opening, a small dialogue box by the mouse pointer shows the original address. Is there any way to prevent this?
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    Two Monitors from 0ne computer

    Anyone know the best and easiest way to run two monitors from one computer, is it best to use two Graphic Cards, One Graphic Card with two monitor connectors, or is there a splitter box that would allow two monitors to be connected to a Graphic Card with only one monitor connector?
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    Hosting and E-mail

    I have a domain that is hosted and I have pop3 mailboxes. I know I can redirect mail to these boxes using my domain name as a e-mail address, but still using third party e-mail, ie that supplied by my ISP. However, is it possible to set up e-mail by just using my domain name and not redirecting.
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    1393a optional

    My new Intel Motherboard D945GNT has a connector on the back, and jumpers on the board for a header connection, but these are shown as 'optional' without any explanation why. I think 1393a is Firewire but does anyone know why they should be shown as 'optional'?
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    Paging File

    I have partitioned my Hard Drive into 3 Partitions. The System is on 'C' The Software is on 'D' and Odds and Ends on 'E' . Should I set a Paging File Size for each Partition, or just for 'C', which has set up by default?
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    Coming out of Screensaver

    I find that every few minutes my computer switches out of Screensaver and back to the Desktop. I cannot see any obvious cause for this. It is not an e-mail checker. Any ideas please.
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    Is this likely to be a virus?

    My niece is having trouble with her computer. She lives too far away from me for me to physically check it. However, she found that her AVG anti virus program had stoped updating. When I got her to run an anti virus check, AVG just kept running, but didn't finish. Microsoft Disc Cleanup and...
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    XP Floppy Disc set creator

    I have downloaded the Floppy Start up disc set creator for XP. It runs fine on two computers, but on a third computer, it just flashes a dos type image, and closes. I am just curious why this one computer behaves this way. Any ideas?
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    DVD Multisession?

    Can DVD discs be used for Multisession recording the same as CD discs?
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    Disc Drive Error

    My neighbour asked me to look at his computer, which wouldn't boot. I have checked the BIOS, and everything appears OK. However, the computer will not boot into Safe Mode, and will not boot from either Hard Drive or CD. I have checked all internal cables, which appear OK. My own thoughts are...
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    Has SP2 made any changes to Hotmail? I don't use Hotmail myself, but my neighbour has been asking me. It seems that before he installed SP2 he could access his Hotmail Inbox directly from his desktop. Now he can only open Hotmail after Outlook opens. I don't see a problem with that really...
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    XP-OEM or Upgrade

    After self building a computer, which is the best way of obtaining XP Pro, OEM or Upgrade, by that I mean not just price, but which is the most flexible, with regard to slipstreaming, or transferring to another computer if you sell or scrap the first one? I feel that self build is being...
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    New Computers with full XP CD?

    Are there any new computers being sold with a full XP CD, rather than a recovery CD, most of the recovery CDs that I have seen are bundled with a load of software that installs every time you do a format and install, and of course most of it is out of date before you even get the computer home.
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    Sharing Broadband Connection

    My sister is running XP Pro. She has set it up for 2 User Accounts, one for her, and one for her children. She has Broadband, which she can access from her account, but the children can not access Broadband from their account, so they need to log into her account when they want to go on line...
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    Best Free Hard Drive Eraser

    Any suggestions for the best Free hard drive eraser. Something that will boot from a floppy and overwrite a hard drive with zeros
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    Spell Check Outlook Express

    I have just set up a new computer for my neighbour. It came with XP Home and Microsoft Works pre installed. It set up OK, but the option to Spell Check in Outlook Express is greyed out, so is not available. I know Outlook Express doesn't have it's own spell checker, but I thought the one in...