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    Official WOW Thread

    The patch was done today, though it was supposed to be back at 1100Hrs, its still offline. Sadly its slowy becoming nearly a six day site for the third week in a row:rolleyes:
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    New OSNN theme / site launched

    Thanks for the E-mail, I like the new layoutand have bookmarked it to my toolbar. I have too many bookmarks on my main one lol.
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    Browser Problems

    After you asked about the firewall, I disabled it and you were correct, I now can access Hotmail and Yahoo. I have disabled Stealth Mode browsing and it is working fine now. Lee, many thanks for your advice, tried it and it did not work, now we no why. This is OSNN at its best :) :)
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    Browser Problems

    Sygate Pro 5.5
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    Browser Problems

    Thanks for that sadly no joy, it is still showing the same errors.
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    Browser Problems

    I am running on Win XP Pro SP2 with IE6 SP2. Upon accessing Hotmail or Yahoo mail, I keep getting this message. Browser Not Supported Microsoft® .NET Passport no longer supports the Web browser version you are using. Please upgrade to a current Web browser, such as Microsoft Internet...
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    Problems accessing Yahoo with IE6

    I finally found out what was causing it. I had the new Google tool-bar and had removed it and Outlook could not find a reference to Google. I put the office disk in and did a repair and now accessing Yahoo no problems. :) Many thanks for your replies , much appreciated :)
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    Problems accessing Yahoo with IE6

    Thanks guys, I downloaded Firefox and it still gives the same message, I guess I am corrupted somewhere. I also removed Yahoo and re-installed that and it is still the same. :squareeye
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    Problems accessing Yahoo with IE6

    I am running on XP PRo with SP2 and all current updates. IE6 .02900.2180. logging in to check my yahoo mail I get this message: Yahoo! may not be optimised for the web browser you are using. Your options are: Upgrade to Internet Explorer 6.0, Netscape 7.1, or Safari 1.2. Switch back to...
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    MSN Messenger latest beta build?

    I had it and once I tried to send an E-mail, error report was raised and Messenger was binned. I am now back with 6.2 and no problems. In future I shall stick to my golden rule and ignore Betas and my teenage daughters will have to grin and bear it. :)
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    XP Apps you didn't know you had!

    I'll second that with bells on
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    Australian Etiquette Handbook

    Arrrg Not PC in here as well and I have'nt seen the joke. Its a bad day when you can't laugh at your self :)
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    Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware Will Remain Free

    Thanks Netryder, The site says this: For currently licensed customers of Giant Software, Microsoft will continue to provide the same level of support for the Spam Inspector, Popup Inspector, and Giant AntiSpyware products as offered by Giant Software prior to its acquisition. However I...
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    Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware Will Remain Free

    It would appear I am ok getting updates for Giant, but all the developements are going into this Beta Version. Question : Do I hangfire until they get to a final version of it, or go to this Beta version. I am usually not happy running Beta versions on the System., though I realise this is a...
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    Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware Will Remain Free

    Yep I agree, I only had it 2 weeks and Bill got it :devious:
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    Did MS kill Giant?

    Lets hope so Perris, they have the expertise and money to get it perfected, lets hope they don't take their eye of the ball. I purchased it before they took it over, so lets hope they don't let the purchasers of Giant down, Time will tell :rolleyes:
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    The iHome?

    Always cover your six and treble check, sometimes that is not enough. I voted false :yowch:
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    Microsoft Acquires GIANT

    Only bought the program a few weeks ago, will be interested to see what MSN puts up on the site in the next few weeks :)
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    Updates Reference File Ad Aware

    Thanks for that wadada :)
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    Giant Antispyware - Better than Ad-Aware and Spybot combined ..

    I had my doubts as well and have taken the option to do the upgrade for $15 and it appears to be a completely different program than the old one, far superior so far , time will tell. My view , it seems to become an annual event, if they don't cut the mustard, then they are history and only...