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    WinXP Toolbars

    Hey, is there a way to set up xp, to show open apps at the bottom of the screen, like having a second taskbar/toolbar set up just for showing open applications? for those who used ubuntu before..i would like to set up something like that for xp if possible. thanks.
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    Random Crashes XP

    hey guys, im getting random crashes on xp sp3, the pc will usually crash about 5 minutes after the os has loaded, no error message, just restarts, but won't come back up. i then have to start it a couple of times before it will load windows again, like it will crash while loading windows 2-4...
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    DCOM Server Process.....

    So im getting this error: "generic host process win32 has encountered a problem and needs to be terminated..." i click don't send error report and i get the automatic shutdown message and it says its due to: DCOM Server Process Launcher Terminated Unexpectedly I ran virus checks -before-...
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    CHKDSK help

    so im guessing somehow my harddrive got corrupted and windows wanted to run chkdsk. it got all the way to the recovering lost files, then it gets to "inserting index entry of index $0 to file 50" got stuck here, ran forever, now windows will not make it to the windows loading screen. i've looked...
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    Acer Monitor Appears "Grainy"

    Hey guys, i had this monitor for about..2 months now (Acer X223Wbd) and starting yesterday it appears the image overall, either in the desktop, movies, games, there appears to be like a grainy look to it. the best way i can describe it would like i don't know what the style is called, but like...
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    PC/PS3 Monitor

    Hey guys... looking to get a @22" lcd monitor that will allow me to connect my ps3 and pc at the same time...i guess both can be connected either way..but im looking for either 2 hdmi, 1 hdmi 1 dvi-d, or 2 dvi-d. i want to be able to use the ps3 in 1080p. any suggestions? i found...
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    Problems with WMP11 after

    updating my geforce drivers and my directx. all of the videos i play seem to look "washed out", like theres a grey/white screen over the video. its affecting quicktime as well but not VLC. my vlc is using opengl as its renderer so im guessing thats why its ok, since if i switch it to dx, the...
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    How to run single core on multi core

    i have a quad-core cpu, and i found out after trying starcraft, that running it on a multi core processor generates an insane amount of lag. so im looking for a program that will let me use only 1 core when running certain programs. thanks in advance
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    Looking for a Stand up Comedian

    I can't remember his name...i thought it was something like "tiger" or "Ty", but hes black, i think he was part of a tour overseas with comedy central, he had a bit about his eyes, they always make him look high and how people always ask him about it. in a different act he had a bit about...
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    McAfee Firewall Won't Delete

    This gateway i got came with mcafee, i deleted it using the mcafee uninstaller but the firewall says its active when i check under windows security. i've looked around in regedit and didn't see anything about mcafee. so what im asking is how can i get rid of the firewall?
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    AV+Firewall for Vista32?

    Im currently "trying" to use bitdefender...but it seems to be having problems with vista, lots of CPU usage and random crashes, ive read around and it seems im not the only one having problems with bd and vista, can anyone recommend a good av w/ or another program for a firewall? thanks in advance
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    Help Getting Back to XP

    So i got a new pc, its a gateway, comes with vista home, long story short i want xp back. problem is whenver i try to install it using the boot cd, i get the blue screen with the code: 0xF78D63C 0xC0000034 0x0000000 0x0000000 ive been doing a little research and it seems like xp can't install on...
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    External HDD with DNLA

    So I'm planning to sell my pc and get a laptop. Im also planning on using this laptop as a DNLA? server. But since its a laptop, im going to be getting an external hdd to store all of my media. does anyone know how bad or if it does at all, effect the streaming speeds from the hdd>laptop>media...
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    Custom Thumbnail Previews

    Not sure if this is the right forum but, i would like to know if there is a way to set custom thumbnail previews for movies? maybe even be able to use .gif files as the preview? also for movie files that can't be played by windows media player, i use videolan, but files that use videolan don't...
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    PS3 "Home"

    Taken from : " But what is this potential 'Home?' Kotaku's insider said this: "Basically, you get to make an avatar for your console (like a Mii) and this avatar has a room. As you play games and accomplish certain tasks, you will receive...
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    "Bliss" styled wallpapers

    hey guys, so im trying to find some good "bliss" styled wallpapers as the title says, so post any if you get them! ill contribute, no idea where its from, a friend sent it to me. edit : couldn't upload it as a .jpg so i changed it to a .gif so you guys could see it.
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    wireless router question

    i want to setup a network in this house, its two stories, the computer that has the cable modem is upstairs, and the second computer is downstairs, pretty much across the house. is it possible to get a decent enough connection on the second computer? theres plenty of wall between them so i know...
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    Transfer through Bluetooth?

    hey i was wondering what i need to get to transfer mp3's to my phone. My computer can see my phone through bluetooth and my phone is .mp3 capable, i just need to know how i actually send the file to my phone. thanks in advance.
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    PS3 Images on Amazon

    I don't know if this has been mentioned before, but i was checking out the ps3 on amazon and found.... haha, theres a couple more there too (also the one that compares...
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    Repair a cut cable line?

    Does anyone know what tools or what i would need to do to repair a cut cable line? If you do, or know a site that has the steps, images would help too. thanks.