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  1. Dark Scizor

    News SpeedFan 4.39

    Does it still brick mobos with AMD 790FX?
  2. Dark Scizor

    [Feedback Wanted] Proposed Frontpage Changes

    The home page's style could use some extra transparency though, something like Vista's taskbar when aero is fully activated...
  3. Dark Scizor

    PS2 Emulator Help

    DVD Decrypter should do the trick, if you manage to find it... You can also use software like PowerIso to make an iso image out of your disc.
  4. Dark Scizor

    question on firefox

    It seems the ftp's admin has disabled anonymous login on that site when going through pure ftp(e.g. ). Try using something like If that doesn't work, it seems to me you 're out of luck.