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    Infuriating error message

    that's what comes up. So, it's both you might say.
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    Infuriating error message

    Has anyone seen this error message before? I get it all the time, requiring me to click "Ok" 2-6 times before it stops reappearing. Then, after a little break, it'll start again. It doesn't show up in my process manager so I can't figure out where it's coming from. Thanks for any help.
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    Windows Live Messenger Invitations Thread

    yes johnny you schmuck give me a stinking invite :D I'll pm you too ;)
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    Help Hypnotoad pick a phone.

    It isn't one of your options but I just got a Motorola E815 from Verizon and I like it.
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    Help with moblie edit

    want to be a little more clear?
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    Looking for a Diablo-Style rpg...

    Do you mean Nox? Though that might be a bit older...
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    Gas prices

    Americans and their gas prices... We're paying over a dollar a litre where I live in Canada right now, which'll come out to around a dollar (US) a gallon more that what you guys are paying. Don't complain too much :rolleyes:
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    What would you change about these specs.

    For the CPU, I believe that the Venice core is preferred to the Winchester. Case, whatever works. I'd look for features such as removable drive bays (so much nicer) and the like. PSU, 450+ Watts should be decent enough.
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    New System Config

    thanks for the opinions. I've already talked him down about $150 on the ram already, I'll try to talk him down some more. He's not planning on oc'ing, and isn't a benchmark whore as far as I know, so some cheaper ram will probably make more sense. I think he is planning on playing a fair...
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    New System Config

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    New System Config

    Looking at some parts for a cousins new computer, and would like some outside input. Okay, here's the specs: preferrably be under $3k Canadian it's going to be order from and to Canada. This means that such popular favorites such as newegg and zipzoomfly aren't valid sites to get "great...
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    "CE" logo on electronics?

    great, thanks should have thought to look there :)
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    "CE" logo on electronics?

    Does anyone know what the CE symbol on electronics (in the US at least) stands for? Is it consumer electronics? Thanks.
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    Wallpapers... Post and Request

    those are hot thanks
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    that's pretty hot
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    Longhorn Sidebar v5

    thanks for the heads up I gave it a quick try but didn't like it to much...I feel like I can more functionality out of something like samurize.
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    GMail adopts OSNN icon

    somehow I feel like it's your computer being silly :P
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    Which OS would you use with this

    I'm with him :dead:
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    help im building my own PC there's some books right there can try there as well I'm assuming that you're looking for a guide on how to put everything together.
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    helpy a friendy