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  1. Sazar

    [Moview Review] Tron Legacy

    I watched this last week at the midnight showing in high-def/3-D. As with Avatar and some other recent movies, I HIGHLY recommend watching this in 3-D to get the full feel of the effects. The world within is entirely rendered in said format and really adds to the depth. Additionally DO NOT...
  2. Sazar

    [Movie Review] Scott Pilgrim V/S The World

    The tag-lines are pretty straight-forward for the movie and I think pretty much everyone knows the basic premise as a result. However, do not judge this book purely by it's cover because this movie ROCKS. The first 4/5th's of the movie are absolutely mind-blowing (IMO) and the various...
  3. Sazar

    ** iPhone 4 mini-review

    No pictures since there is a TON of them online. Everyone knows about the device and has seen pictures of it. I received my phone late this morning, went in to AT&T to get it activated since it refused to do so over iTunes and blam, all was good. I am moving from a previous generation iPhone...
  4. Sazar

    Ubuntu 10.04

    I didn't see a thread on this in here so I figured I'd start one real quick :) I got around to installing it earlier today on my external HDD and am dual-booting, sort of, with Win 7 and Ubuntu. Last time I used a build was with Gutsy Gibbon, in it's early days, and it was a lot of work...
  5. Sazar

    Rest in Peace ChrisRay

    ChrisRay Memorial Thread - nV News Forums I am just going to quote what Mike Chambers over at our affiliate site, NvNews posted. I am not sure if many people ever had a chance to communicate with Chris, but he was a great guy, had a tremendous amount of knowledge and I've probably known...
  6. Sazar

    [Movie Review] Avatar

    I watched this movie in a High-def screening with quality sound and 3D. A brand new theater in Austin which has some nice trimmings. I decided to go for first day/first show (midnight) because that is when most movie-buffs head out over in this city. The movie opens with a simple narrative...
  7. Sazar

    News Extensions available on Google Chrome

    Extensions are live. Early Access Release Channels (The Chromium Projects) Have to download the DEV build. Once you do, you will be able to download extensions from the following site. Google Chrome Extensions The actual google site is not live yet. Btw, since I know pretty...
  8. Sazar

    Office 2010 Beta available on MSDN/Technet

    I am downloading the beta that is now available. Still thinking about grabbing Visio 2010 while I am at it, but I'll probably wait. I am intrigued by some of the features being touted for 2010 :D Fyi, the downloads are for Professional Beta, x86 or x64.
  9. Sazar

    Dell Adamo XPS

    I just fell in love with a notebook after a long time. I was at the launch event where a number of products, including the top of the line Alienware items were displayed but the tiny little XPS notebook was what got me :eek: No details on specs, outside of a C2D ULV proc. It felt snappy...
  10. Sazar

    [Movie Review] District 9

    Last year, I had the privilege of watching the short movie that the feature is based on and it was very interesting to see indeed. The movie, for the most part, is shown in almost a 3'rd person/news style display and this works brilliantly as it sets up a lot of the characters and the...
  11. Sazar

    [Movie Review] Terminator Salvation

    After the travesty that was Terminator 3, I had high hopes for Terminator Salvation. Would it be the salvation of the franchise or another cheesy rip-off looking to make a quick buck? Would the movie live up to the levels of previous "reboots" like Batman Begins and quality movies like Iron...
  12. Sazar

    May 2009 Desktop Thread

    May 2009 Desktop Screenshots Thread Guidelines: Please adhere to Forum Guidelines. No pornography or overly suggestive images/wallpapers. If you are going to embed your screenshot, please keep it at or under 640x480 and under 75KB in size - please use attachment feature. Moderators reserve...
  13. Sazar

    [Movie Review] X-Men Origins : Wolverine

    I watched the movie during lunch today, going in with relatively middle-of-the-road expectations. I know the franchise has been fractured and uneven ever since Bryan Singer was deposed as the director. Brett Ratner sucks and X-Men 3 was just atrocious. I expected slightly better things from...
  14. Sazar

    [Movie Review] Watchmen

    There was a lot of anticipation as I sat in the theater, waiting for the movie to start and start it did, in a simple and understated manner. Those who have followed the graphic novel will know what happens. Those who have not, I will not spoil anything for you. The movie is very faithful...
  15. Sazar

    [Project] Home Theater PC - started

    I finally got my new chassis and started throwing some of my old stuff with my not so old stuff and some new drives into it today. I got the project started yesterday when the wonderful Fedex dude dropped off my case at my door :D I got a great deal on an nMedia chassis so I grabbed it...
  16. Sazar

    Chrome v/s FF v/s Opera v/s IE8

    I have all 4 browsers on my system right now and have been dabbling with them a fair bit. The general consensus for me is ease of use, speed and rendering. Thus far, I have to say that the latest builds of Chrome have been amazing. The engine is FAST and I love the default search in the address...
  17. Sazar

    Is there a way to theme iTunes 8?

    I am sure there are some people are love the default look. I personally cannot stand it. Deviantart and other sites have some lovely themes for iTunes 7 but I cannot find ver 8 support. Anyone have a suggestion?
  18. Sazar

    [New Toy] : Harmony 890 remote OTW

    Did some research and with my PS3, Xbox, Receiver, TV and cable-box, I needed something to control most of the items. I haven't purchased the blue-tooth module yet, I am going to keep using my keyboard and PS3 remote, but the others are going to go into a little box :) Will update upon...
  19. Sazar

    [Movie Review] Appaloosa

    Just finished watching this. Went out on a date and since we're both movie buffs, figured this was the best movie to hit up. The movie has excellent pacing, the acting is phenomenal, the MUSIC ROCKS and the dialogue is exceptional. This movie IS the classic western and it is...
  20. Sazar

    [Movie Review] Max Payne

    For anyone who loved the games or loves the movies, don't bother watching this. The movie sucks. The pacing is weak, the story is laughable and the score is abysmal. The acting, I've seen better in high-school plays. I had high-hopes because of the previews but apparently the entire...