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  1. sboulema

    Old pc...

    I have an old PC collecting dust and i cant think of what to do with it. Here are the specs: P1 120mhz 1,2 gb HDD 12mb ram Floppy-drive CD-rom I was thinking of putting linux on it, but i tried booting with knoppix and that comes up saying it doesnt have enough memory. For some...
  2. sboulema

    Invision board topic date

    Hello, Is there a way to change the "posted date" of a topic as an admin? What im after is that when i post a topic and later edit something in that post, that the "posted date" of the topic will get the new date, so that it looks like its posted on the new date. Is this possible, do i need a...
  3. sboulema

    Weird story/problem

    Today i went to a person to fix his computer. It would boot up and say operation system not found, so i booted into DOS, and checked the C: disk. It was empty :| So i fired up PM8.02 to check the disk and i thorugh a whole army of errors and partition table errors at me. So i thought fdisk the...
  4. sboulema

    kb/interface error

    Ok i was trying to fix a pc for someone. the problem was that it gave a kb/interface error when booting and then it would seem to hang but after a while windows 98 would appear and display a message that it couldnt find a ps/2 compatible mouse. and it stopped there. quick recap, the pc wasnt...
  5. sboulema

    File backup app

    Im looking for a file backup program, but it needs to be free and meet a few requirements and i cant seem to find a good one The requirements: - must be able to backup to a zip-file - must accept commandline commands or some other way to schedule it - must have the ability to exclude...
  6. sboulema


    Green Postcount Thingies What are the green thingies behind the postcount? and if you hover over them, it says .... is on a distinguish road. what does that mean? [edit]Oh ok i get it, we now have a reputation system...
  7. sboulema

    New wallpaper for Henyman

    Found this nice wallpaper for Henyman ;)
  8. sboulema

    You know there's something wrong when...

    You see this if you go to google :eek: I didnt think it was possible but i really got a server error from google.
  9. sboulema

    Open Office - Arabic

    Is it possible to write and read Arabic in Open Office? I download the Dutch version of Open Office and its working great, but i cant figure out how to write in Arabic. Do i need to download an update or a complete different version of OPen Office, or am i just overlooking something here :S...
  10. sboulema

    Closed thread

    Little nitpick about closed threads. when a thread is closed the reply button is removed, but the quickreply button is still there. i guess that one also needs to be removed if the thread is closed, since it hasnt any function....
  11. sboulema

    Read/Unread Posts

    It seems like the forum isnt remebering which posts i have read. when iget an email saying someone has posted a reply to a subcribed thread, the link drops me somehwere in the thread and the icon at the left top shows that the message is read, but im sure i read the message. its very irritating...
  12. sboulema

    Photoshop slice problems

    Hello, Im using Photoshop 7.0.1 and all of the sudden all the files i open start with a slice on them. also when i choose new the created file starts with a slice on it. this sint the default behaviour it didnt use to do this. how can i get it that back to how it was normal. it would just open...
  13. sboulema

    PC is unstable

    My pc is unstable. every minute the pc stops responding mouse doesnt move programs stop responding and then after 30 secs it comes back to life. did a nav scan and it found a trojan couldnt delete or fix it but put it into the quarintine. then the problems for a while stayed away, then it came...
  14. sboulema

    partition magic error #108

    when i try to launch pm i get an error saying that my partition table is incorrect and gives my an error 108 and quits. when i try to run it from the dos diskettes it shows my complete disk as bad error 108 found. when i run the diagnostic info tool that comes with pm it gives me a lot of...
  15. sboulema

    help a complete linux n00b choose

    Im a complete linux n00b and i wanna checkout linux, but i havent got a clue at which distro is best to begin with. i already know knoppix, but iw ant a real hdd install linux. raed a bout slackware , but you need to have a floppy drive from which you can boot (for some mysterious reason i cant...
  16. sboulema

    Enter the Matrix install error

    Hey guys, When i try to install etm, during the install i get an error saying that "unreadable volume, please insert etm_d1 in drive F:" (something like that translated from dutch). I get this error everytime :mad: sometimes it happens when cd2 is in the drive and i never passed cd3, on cd3 i...
  17. sboulema

    Geforce 2 & DirectX 9

    i have a geforce2 mx440 and im using directx 8.1 now and everything is fine. But enter the matrix requires directx 9. Can it **** up my system since my geforce isnt a dx9 card? or do i have to just install it so i can play the game?
  18. sboulema

    msn messenger 6 add remove patch

    Found this on the forums of Neowin.
  19. sboulema

    HDD temp

    doesnt this mean that my HDD is turned into a smoking pile of ash :confused: :huh:
  20. sboulema

    Outlook XP

    As default all your folders (inbox, sent items) are sorted alphabetical. Is there any way to resort them manually in the way you want them to appear?