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  1. AlexK

    9800GT in SLi, what Mobo?

    Hello :) I'm looking to buy two 9800GT cards and put 'em in SLi, but i saw a note on some site that the SLi PCI-Express ports must run at 16x in SLi mode. My current mobo's ports run in 8x mode. Anyone know what mobo in looking for? It's socket 775 Thanks.
  2. AlexK

    NFS Underground 2 Crashing?

    Hello Osnn :D After installing NFSU2 last night, and playing for a while, i downloaded the 1.2 patch for the game. After i downloaded this patch and set new graphics settings, the game startes crashing when loading the game. Like when i press resume career, it loads the game, then stops doing...
  3. AlexK

    Gaming evolution!

    Hello everyone. Im doing a "paper" in school, and i want to know if any of you can tell me how gaming has evolved over the years? Everything you can come up with, post it here :devious: Would be a help!
  4. AlexK

    Icon changing gone bad!!

    Hmm, stupid me.. I was fiddling with changing icons.. And messed up File Folder actions in. [My Computer -> Tools -> Folder Options -> File Types] So when i open a folder it automaticly wants to search the folder, ( NOT VIEWING THE CONTENT ) I have to [right click -> Explore / Open], every...
  5. AlexK

    Which card-manufactuarer is your fav?

    Which manufactuarer ( im not english btw if theres any typo's ) is your fav, concerning GFX cards? ATI vs. Nvidia ( Ups and downs with both ).. Im thinking about buying two 8800 GT cards, but maybe you can give me a reason to not buy it, or make me wanting it even more :)
  6. AlexK

    Logitech G15 Media Keys not working

    Hello all :) I just got a G15 as a christmas present, but the media keys doenst seem to work at all.. Ive tried the fix in this thread but the expand string in regedit is allready there.. I also have a MX610 Laser mouse which uses Setpoint.. So if u know any solutions to this i would be extatic...