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  1. Brad


    I'm trying to create a team in Windows 10 Insider Preview and I keep getting an error: PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> New-NetLbfoTeam LANPOWER -TeamMembers "Ethernet", "Ethernet 2" New-NetLbfoTeam : The LBFO feature is not currently enabled, or LBFO is not supported on this SKU. At line:1 char:1 +...
  2. Brad

    I haven't seen some of these names in forever.

    I was over at xp-erience and sure has flown.
  3. Brad

    What would cause a BIOS to see SATA drives, but not the RAID management software?

    I have two 74GB 10K RPM drives that I want to set up in a RAID1. According to the BIOS the drives can be seen and the SATA ports are enabled, but when I get to the RAID configuration software (Silicon Image) the drives are not installed.... Can someone help me please?
  4. Brad

    Happy Birthday Vanq

    You post whore you.
  5. Brad

    Happy Birthday Admiral Michael!

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    From the OMG department...

  7. Brad

    James Brown will not get on up... Soul 'Godfather' James Brown dies POSTED: 6:19 a.m. EST, December 25, 2006 var clickExpire = "01/24/2007"; Story Highlights • James Brown dies after being hospitalized with...
  8. Brad

    Please recommend me a new monitor

    Hey Y'all: I am in the market for a new monitor (finally getting rid of the CRT). These are the things that I would like: Over 19 inches 5 ms response time (willing to go up to 8ms but no more) Black or Gray in color preferably have USB inputs, but not necessary Less than $500Thank you!
  9. Brad

    December 8, 1980

    A legend was taken before his time. We miss ya buddy.
  10. Brad

    Happy Birthday Evil Marge!!!

  11. Brad

    Having 2 10,000 RPM drives in a RAID 0

    Holy Jeez!!! This is great :D
  12. Brad

    Free DHCP server?

    Hi Yall, Does anyone have access to a good free DHCP server? I need one for a lap that we are doing here at work and would rather not install Windows Server just for DHCP. Thanks!
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    Black Friday Ad Information Ads for Black Friday 06
  14. Brad

    Some of these are freakin' hilarious

    WARNING: Some content may not be appropriate for minors: Post ones that you think are funny!
  15. Brad

    SiL3114 RAID controller

    Is anyone having any issues with this? I have found the drivers on their website and downloaded and installed them, but Vista is still saying that it cannot find the device...? Anyone having a similar issue?
  16. Brad

    Installing Win2k3 W/o RAID/SCSI drivers

    I am in a bit of a conundrum. At my office, we ordered a nice new server to put in our lab (Dual 3.2 Xeon, 2GB RAM, 2 73GB SCSI HDDs etc....). We are trying to install Win2k3 Server onto this server and are running into an issue where the Windows installer can't see the drives. We realize that...
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    Who brought the cat?

  18. Brad

    The cats are taking over...

  19. Brad

    Pirate Cartoon