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  1. bobsalot

    Getting a Camera

    as the title says, i will soon be purchasing a new camera. i would like to have a high optical soom, 3x or 5x isn't really appealing to me. i don't mind it being complicated. i've looked at the fujifilm s1000fd as its is a 10mp 12x optical soom camera, but it did only get average reviews...
  2. bobsalot

    Hard Disk Health

    I've seen a drop in my disk health on Hark Disk Sentinel over the past couple of days. Any explanation?
  3. bobsalot

    Halo 3 Problem

    I am now on my 3rd halo 3 disc. And i have had the same problem with all 3. Yesterday...i got halo an xbox live match running...then it crashed. Restarted....and the halo 3 title screens were fuzzy....and theres no music. The single player campain says 'failed to load content' and...
  4. bobsalot


    Today, i upgraded to AVG 8.0. Now i keep on getting a pmai.dll threat detected. Clicking ignore or remove does not solve the problem I get 4 or 5 of the same pmai.dll problems at the same time. Any ideas on how to fix this or what it is. Google had nothing. Thanks
  5. bobsalot

    Getting An Xbox360

    What should i get.... I can get a normal xbox360 for £199.99 new..or £149.99 preowned Or should i get a core system...preowned for £109.99 Or get an Elite for £259.99 No thanks to the arcade version, want to play old halo thanks. The preowned ones are not from some pikey on a street...
  6. bobsalot

    My Graphics

    Is there anything i can do..or make my graphics on my laptop better. A bit vague....hmm....better performance maybe...or just better overall :nervous: Anything to tweak? Anything to buy? Its an onboard laptop Intel 950GMA btw :dead::dead::dead: Thanks
  7. bobsalot

    Random question

    I was interested. If you bought a cheap radio, like gift shop quality, and then plugged it into some expensive top of the range speakers, what would the sound quality be like? Would it be poor quality because of the poor radio? Would it be good quality because of the good speakers? Or would it...
  8. bobsalot


    Can anyone reccomend a FPS with mass zombie killing for the pc. It doesnt have to be new or high spec. Thanks a bunch. Merry Christmas!! bobsalot Edit: Note that my laptop only has dual core 1.73ghz, 2gb ram...but only Intel GMA 950 graphics :dead::dead::dead:
  9. bobsalot

    ipod engraving

    I bought my first ipod today, classic 80gb, black. not from the apple store though. im going to big shopping centre on saturday, with an apple store there. i was wondering if i can take my ipod there and get it engraved? cheers!
  10. bobsalot

    What icon is this?

    I have no idea what this is. It wont go away It wont right or left click. It doesnt have a title. What is it? Is it a problem? How do i get rid? Thanks a bunch...bobsalot Piccies \/
  11. bobsalot

    Another Body Found in killers house

    Second body found at search house Officers from two police forces have been searching the house A second body has been found at the Kent house where the remains of Vicky Hamilton, 15, were found on Monday. Police said the family of missing teenager Dinah McNicol had been told. Officers...
  12. bobsalot

    Wireless Headphones

    Right...i want some wireless headphones. Some like the proper hifi ones with full ear surround I came across loads of FM ones. What does this mean I want them for my how do i do this. I have no idea THANKS
  13. bobsalot

    30gb zune for $99.99....woot

    Today only...
  14. bobsalot

    Monitor not working

    Okay, guys. I stupidly fiddled about with ATI catalyst control centre and my monitor went blank and displayed 'out of range'. i have rebooted many times and after the windows logo it says 'out of range' i am in safe mode posting this so my monitor isnt broken. i just cant get it to work...
  15. bobsalot

    Buying a new laptop

    Right guys, iv know iv posted something similar before, but this time its for real. I know what i want now, and i should be getting the laptop tomorrow. I need, least 1gb of ram,, 2gb preffered 1.7+ghz and a grahpics card good enough to run simple games like...
  16. bobsalot

    Which laptop is the best one?

    Which of these laptops should i get....was looking for a website to compare them all but didnt find anything.. any help would be much appreciated The Laptops Acer Aspire 5613AWLMi 15.4" Laptop NVIDIA® GeForce® Go 7300 160GB hard disk drive 2 x 1024 Mb of DDR2 533 / 667 MHz memory...
  17. bobsalot

    Something wrong with media player :(

    Whenever i use Windows Media Player 11 now,, it uses basically all of my cpu. I only noticed this in the past few days. What is wrong with the thing!
  18. bobsalot

    cpu usage problem

    This process is taking up all of my cpu..but it follows a pattern. have a look up the uploaded pictures. what can i do.
  19. bobsalot

    Wireless router question

    I am getting sky broadband soon. It comes with a free wireless router. With this router..will the internet be constantly available wirelessly (for psp) even when my pc is off. If so, how is it secured so that only i can access it when the pc is turned off. I know its something to do with WEP...
  20. bobsalot

    Help with this mp3 player

    Well..its not really help i want....just a review or some information on this product. Its a philips so i thought it would be well known but i cannot find an ounce of info on it apart from the 'argos' website...