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    Exchange / Outlook Contacts Problems

    Hey guys, I'm hoping that someone can help me out with a problem we are having at work. We just installed Exchange 03 (upgraded form an old generic POP3 server) and everything, so far, is running very smoothly. We are, though, having problems with contacts in Outlook. We have 'internal'...
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    Howto Schedule auto emails

    Hey guys...I have an old PC at my cabin that is connected via dialup (yuck, I know.) Nonetheless, it has a report-generating program that populates a file once very hour or so. I need a way to email said file to my main home each hour. How can I get the old PC to automatically send me the...
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    Stupid Excel Question

    Hey guys, I just upgraded to Office07, and like it so far. I can't seem to find (and I'm sure it's right under my nose) a function that I used quite a bit on Excel03. I have a huge spreadsheet and need to be able to compare data in Column A with data in colums DD-FF...I used to be able to...
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    So I just got a new IT job for a large health care facility and one of my jobs is to write a monthly tech-related newsletter. There are two other people who help write articles. They all have writing nick names like "the wizard" etc, and have a graphical caricature. I'm REALLY no good at this...
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    Network Profiles?

    Hey guys, How can I set up "network profiles" in XP Pro? Essentially, I need network access in several non-DHCP locations, and it would be nice to have some sort of icon to click to automatically change my settings (IP, SN, GW, DNS1, DNS2) for a particular location. Thanks in advance!
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    Help me move my HDDs to my new server

    Hey guys, I have a server running 2k3 Server. I have built a new machine to replace it and would like to make a complete image of my old server and load it onto the new one...I cannot have any downtime, so what can I do? I considered a TrueImage backup of my existing server...can I load this...
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    Automatically re-connect mapped drives?

    Hey guys. I have a PC with a 802.11 PCI card. Long story short, when Windows boots, it attempts to mount my mapped drives before my PCI card connects to my network. How can I prevent this? If I can't "re-order" the startup items, how can I automatically repair the connection to the mapped...
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    Every new folder is read only!

    For some reason, every time I make a new folder, it defaults to read-only and I can't change it. It's really messing with my .bat backup files. I'm running XP Pro SP2, fully updated. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.
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    Client Time from Server?

    Hey Guys, I need all of my client's time/date to sync with my 2k3 SB Server. How can I make this happen? Thanks!
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    Determine if XP Key has been activated

    So I was going through some old software and found a sealed copy of XP with the Key sticker still attached. I have no idea if this key is on one of my can I find out if this key has already been activated? Thanks.
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    Disable ability to change date/time

    Does anyone know of a way to restrict the ability to change the time/date in XP? Thanks!
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    Multiple Users on Remote Desktop or similar

    Hey guys, I'm looking for an application that will allow me to run something similar to windows remote desktop remotely while another user is signed on locally. Essentially, I need remote access to my home PC while someone is using it...with standard remote desktop, it automatically "kicks...
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    Intermittent Broadband Connection

    Hey guys, I have noticed that lately, my broadband connection is very "spotty." It works GREAT at times and then unexpectedly drops out for a few minutes, only to reconnect later on. This is happening on all of my PCs, so I know that the problem isn't there. Also, I have a brand new modem...
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    FireFox Internet Eraser

    Looking for something similar to window washer or internet eraser that will work will Firefox...preferably free...any suggestions? Thanks!
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    Free Faxing Software???

    Does anyone know of a free electronic faxing software package? Basically want to be able to fax .doc files.... Thanks for your time!
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    Downloading Problems in XP

    For some reason, I can no longer download and programs in explorer...says windows cannot open the file *.* at *.* It has only recently started doing this...any ideas to fix it??? Help!