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    Internet Explorer and Firefox not displaying certain pages?

    I'm having this weird problem with my internet. Currently, I have one desktop connected to a Linksys router and my laptop connected to it wireless. I've been noticing that my browsers won't display certain pages. Like right now for example, internet explorer can open and firefox...
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    Buying new laptop!! need advice

    i'm buying a new laptop for college in july or august and i thought i'd start looking now. apparently i've been out of the loop cuz i have no idea whats good. I have my eyes on this Sony FS series which uses Intel Centrino Duo. Is this good? I was researching and someone said it might not be...
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    screensaver with time/clock?

    anybody know of one?? preferably with a big font
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    GPS Navigation

    Is GPS navigation free?? I heard something weird like it is for a while then it's a fee per month. I was thinking about getting a small portable one (like a HP one) to put in my car since I get lost all the time. Tell me what yall think
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    o my

    this is what it said when i signed in... Hello the_music_man it appears that you have not posted on our forums in several weeks, why not take a few moments to ask a question, help provide a solution or just engage in a conversation with another member in any one of our forums? o my. i've...
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    {movie review} Bad News Bears

    I haven't seen the original but this one is freaking hilarious!! Billy Bob Thorton usually repulses me but he's pretty funny in this movie. If you like racist slurs and lots of profanity I guess you should go watch this! :lick: 4/5 stars
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    leaving ipod in car/heat??

    i leave my ipod in my glove compartment in my car, is that okay?? i mean when i get in i take it out and it feels burning hot but would that be better than just leaving it out on the seat directly in the sun? give me yalls opinion. and fyi it's usually never hotter than the 90's where i live
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    omg? me spending too much money?

    omg!!!!! i had $1000 in my checking account in May and now its at $87!!!! omg!!!!!! im a bad boy!! :eek:
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    Buying speakers for my car???

    hey u guys i need speakers for my car cuz mine got blown out today. lol i had the ones that came with the car which means they are 12 years old. blah. okay so i've been looking around bestbuy and circuitcity and i think i like these sony ones - they are inexpensive and they're 220watts linky...
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    eerrr ebay fraud - im so mad

    i just got jipped! mother effer!! i bought a 30gb ipod photo from ebay june 14th and I haven't receieved it. and since then the seller has had 11 negative feedback comments which means he's a freaking fraud! i just got jipped and so did 11 other ppl. thank god he has paypal buyer proection up to...
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    AIM introduces 2GB to users - free

    for those using AOL instant messenger there is good news. they have decided to give a 2gb mailbox to all users. Your new email addresses will be your screen name which is really convenient because now i basically know all my friends' email addresses :)
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    i'm an ipod freak!!

    "i'm a man posessed. 80% of my time i talk about my ipod then the other 20% of the time i hope someone else will bring it up in a conversation" ^^^ kidding, that was a mean girls quote except it wasn't about an ipod. anyway i bought an ipod 30gb photo yesterday to replace my 20gb one! yay and...
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    buying a grill

    yo wadup my people. lol. i bought a gas grill a few days ago from sears and its a real piece of shiznit. i thought u could add charcoals to the bottom of it but u can't. i cooked chicken on it and it cooked very fast and was easy to clean up but it tastes nothing like a charcoal grill. i was...
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    Go buy these DVD's!! Now

    Ok just bought mean girls and chapelle show season 2 (uncensored) and let me say that they are the bomb!! mean girls is hilarious. lindsay lohan just amazes me, so does rachel mc adams. and david chapelle is always hysterical. okay so buy those dvds now!! lol
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    Miss Universe

    I can't believe Canada won! blah it seems like they always win....will post pics of her and other contestants later...gimme ur comments for now tho
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    (movie review) House of Wax[spoilers]

    this movie is okay...not really scary at all. I give it 2.5 stars out of 4 Acting was really bad. Paris Hilton basically played herself (a skanky hoe). hehe. When she died everyone in the audience was clapping. She wasn't believable at all. But Elisha Culhert (sp) did really good. She's a...
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    Wavy Recordings from DV Camcorder?

    hey guys im recording videos via firmwire from my panasonic minidv camcorder and the video looks quite wavy in areas. its not a really big issue but i was defintely expecting smooth quality. i've been using pinnacle and i've tried all settings such as DV format (the highest), mpeg2, mpeg1...
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    Super Size Me

    This movie is so crazy. I saw it recently and the guy comes disgustingly unhealthy. if u guys don't know what its about then i'll tell u. a guy eats mcdonalds 3 meals a day for 30 days. its a documentary type style but there's lots of jokes in it so its pretty entertaining. very informative and...
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    happy 4 20 yall

    4 20's almost over! o no! hhaha! i didn't do anythingggg today. im a good kid :cool: so what did you guys do today? lol
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    Google amazes us again

    well you probably have heard some of these features, but if u haven't let me tell you. if you type ur 10 digit phone # (i think its only for USA) u can get the name of the owner and directions to their house! isn't that a little creepy???? lol doesn't work with cell phone #'s. Also, after u...