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    Picture Quality

    it looks "bad" because it's been quickly resized (somewhere between nearest neighbour and bilinear, if i'm not mistaken) to fit the window or your screen, which will be the case every time you're not viewing the image pixel-for-pixel. eg zoom out and you'll see what i mean. nothing to worry...
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    If ever there was a reason to buy a Mac...

    waiting patiently for gimp's UI overhaul (and it looks rather nice so far). compiz should take care of the rest :D LightZone is free for linux, btw. looks nice and has all the functionality, but written in java. --edit-- major improvement, i think...
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    If ever there was a reason to buy a Mac...

    it's an advertisement video, i'd take a not-so-wild guess the images were hand picked and known to work well with those transformations, if not "prepared" earlier ;) professionals don't use "magic wand" tools for photographs anyhow :)
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    If ever there was a reason to buy a Mac...

    i don't think it will wound photoshop, let alone kill it. really another gimp, lightzone or pixel, but with a flashy (and admittedly nice) composited ui. don't get me wrong, an avid compiz user here, but transparency and animations don't increase productivity. the pro's will stick with...
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    DVD Burning Software

    dvd decrypter is still the best, it rips 99% of the dvds out there. not on its own, since development has discontinued, but with ripit4me (which has now also discontinued, but still does the job better than anything else). it uses dvd shrink to transcode if necessary and imgburn to burn. works...
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    [Movie Review] The Simpsons Movie i agree with that strongly enough that i might as well have written that part of the article. futurama > simpsons i don't watch family guy, but it's probably better than the simpsons too.
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    [MOVIE REVIEW] Sicko

    lol great review :D
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    Half Life Games

    correct, with latest drivers the gap isn't that big. but performance will vary with different games/video cards/drivers/settings/hardware, so i wouldn't rule it out. :)
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    Half Life Games

    maybe steevo is running xp?
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    iPod Encryption

    i don't have my ipod with me, but i think you can just exclude the tracks from the playlists on your ipod, and remove the "songs" and perhaps "artists" items from the menu. for anyone (including you) to listen to those tracks, they will have to enable the correct menu items and select the songs...
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    setting up a wireless network

    hi all, at the moment i have a dsl router, a "hub" (is that the correct term?) and 3 computers. the router is connected to the hub via an ethernet cable. all 3 computers are also connected to the hub via ethernet. but now i am looking to get a wireless network going. i guess my question is...
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    Half Life Games

    blue shift?
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    July 2007 Desktop Screenshots

    don't know where you could've read that, it is widely discussed on every linux forum and many times on digg/slashdot how crappy the binary ati drivers are. on the other hand, intel is praised for having open sourced their drivers, and nvidia because of actually decent releases that support their...
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    July 2007 Desktop Screenshots

    that i am sure is ATI/AMD's fault for providing such rubbish drivers, or perhaps you are still using vesa? (hope not). i am sure it can be fixed with a driver update since all they've been working on the past few months are bugfixes. but this is pretty OT for this thread. :)
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    July 2007 Desktop Screenshots

    beauty is in the eye of the beholder. i don't like aero or luna (or whatever the default xp theme is) but i love gilouche, clearlooks and hmmxp. and anything vista has cannot compare with compiz fusion. at least nothing i have seen. 24-bit and 32-bit have the exact same amount of colours...
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    July 2007 Desktop Screenshots

    sarcasm? please explain? :)
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    July 2007 Desktop Screenshots

    not mine, but i use this pc when i can. look and runs better than anything vista can manage ;)
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    Mac: Join Vid Files?

    i don't use/have a mac, but i know avidemux is cross platform and does just about everything on windows and linux. should be the same for mac. :)
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    finally caved, got me some vista

    if you're sure it's not the other specs (faster ram, better hard disk, for example) then probably because it's new.
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    QuickTime 7.2 (finally) includes full-screen support...

    precisely :) x264 and nero both are capable of high profile encodes. yet quicktime, which has the most resources behind it, not to mention a lot of business and likely the largest userbase, only supports up to main profile.