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    This last week's episode made up for a lot of last time though. I am still stick of the twins and wish that Syler would just kill them already. But there was a lot of good information given in this one. The next few episodes should be much better as long as they stop focusing on the lamer...
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    "Insanity Saturday" -- who watched it?

    Or how about Insanity October?? College Football, Pro Football, Baseball playoffs, and the final races for Nascar (does anyone here follow racing?) there's something to watch on any given night and allll weekend long!
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    Chiefsters yankee thread

    Definitely! And the Indians are on their way with a 3-1 lead now. I just hope they hold onto it!!!
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    Pushing Daisies

    I watched the first episode and part of the second. I liked it but I have feeling that the story line has a bit too much potential to get old. It is well done though- much different and than a lot of the other new shows out there.
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    The Official “New To This Community” Thread

    Hey there from DC! 20-something working in marketing, blah blah not all that interesting. Psyched to find another daily-distraction from my work though!