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    setting up a wireless network

    hi all, at the moment i have a dsl router, a "hub" (is that the correct term?) and 3 computers. the router is connected to the hub via an ethernet cable. all 3 computers are also connected to the hub via ethernet. but now i am looking to get a wireless network going. i guess my question is...
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    Taskbar (or linux/mac equivalent) at the top or bottom?

    which way do you have it, and why? imo having it on top edge looks cooler, just can't get used to it :crosseyed:
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    curious, what sort of qualifications does everybody have, or plan to have? :)
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    what happened to vanquished?

    why was he banned? just curious since he had a high post count and i didn't see any reason in the last few posts of his. just curious. if this is out of line, sorry and pls close this thread.
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    What do you rate Vista?

    i tried it for a month and to be honest i didn't find it all that much better than xp, infact slightly worse in my opinion. sure it is a little easier to use, and has some usability improvements like the task switcher, network connection "viewer" (forgot what it was actually called) and per...
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    Your favourite wallpaper?

    the title says it all, instead of posting just links to wallpaper sites, post your favourite wallpaper of all time, or month, week, whatever. mine is linked to below. fantastic colour and detail :) also, as much as i like bewbs, they have no place in this thread ;)
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    Do you use Windows or Linux?

    the title says it all :D i just tried out linux last week, and i have to say i am loving it. i just tried ubuntu, it looks and feels really polished and well thought out, all hardware worked out-of-the-box. maybe i will switch from xp one day :rolleyes:
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    Accessing IMAP mail via "VPN" client?

    hi all, i am looking to access my university email account from home, they provide IMAP access. The problem is that they require me to install and use a "VPN client" (not sure what that is really) in order to get that access. i tried accessing via outlook/thunderbird, and basically it didn't...
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    New Power Supply Help?

    Hello guys, i suspect my current PSU is dying out, (it seems to take 5 minutes or so to power up after pressing the button, and i'm getting random 1-2 second freezing during regular use, xp pro). my current one is an antec trupower 430w, i don't think it's powerful enough anymore, my current...
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    Limiting bandwidth on a PC

    Hi, I play counter-strike source a lot, but it gets very laggy when another PC uses the internet (even during normal browsing). there are 3 PCs in this network, all of them and the modem, 256k, connected to a hub. is there a way (prefer free/open source software) to limit the other two PCs to...
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    forum rules?

    wondering if there are any specific rules? just that i see a bit of SPAM here and there (or more specifically, here), and just want to know if it's allowed, or should i report it or post something :)
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    Installing windows from image

    Hello, i would like to know if foratting my hard drive and installing windows is as good and stable as formatting and installing from acronis image that has windows installed already, but no other programs. thankyou :)
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    RAM latency

    Hello people, i currently have 2x512mb sticks of ram in my PC. i read on the net that 1T command rate is faster than 2T. my ram is set at 2T. what i need to know is if there is any risk in changing it to 1T, and if there is, how will i be able to test that everything is stable & going to work...