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    First time setting up a home network

    Hi everyone, as my title implies, I've just ordered DSL internet and it is to be activated in a few days. My friend suggested for a router/modem combo, and told me I needed filters as well. I would like to ask if...
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    Compaq Presario V2000

    Can somebody help me find the Compaq Presario v2000 drivers? Such as sound, video, wireless net, modem etc. Not to mention the volume buttons on the computer surface, do those need a driver as well? Thanks in advance!
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    Virus attack?

    Hi everyone, I was recently on an anime site, I think it was, anyways, an advertisement of some sort popped up and opened another window on IE, which never loaded, it just slowed my computer down. AVG free edition then detected threats on my computer, the first was from a Sony...
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    External HD problems

    Hi all, I've recently bought 2 external HD's from factorydirect a few days ago. The first was a Fujiutsu, 40gb notebook HD, I also bought a 2.5" casing for it. The second is a generic 60gb and I bought a 3.5" casing for it. BOTH of the external HD's do not appear once they install. I installed...
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    Sony Ericsson z550a - Ringtone and internet problems

    Hi all, I just recently bought this phone and I'm already having abit of trouble with it. The first is the fact that I cannot make any of my MP3 songs as my ringtone. I can transfer them to my phone, I can play it in the media player mode, but for some reason, I cannot set it as my ringtone...
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    What is a good free CD/DVD program?

    Hey all, I was just wondering what to use to burn dvds, data/music cds, that's for free. EDIT: snip/snip.
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    So I've been out-manuevered...

    I put a password protection on the family computer in an effort to help my brother's failing grades, since he doesn't use the computer for any other use than WOW. One day, my dad said he needed to use the computer to do homework, so I typed in the password and let him have his time on the...
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    The partition on a new laptop

    My cousin and I both bought new laptops recently. I went with compaq, he went with HP. Well, both our laptops have a partition supposedly to 'reset' the laptop to its original settings. My cousin wants to wipe his C:// clean, as in restore it to the state it was in when he first bought it. (No...
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    Weird problem with Word XP

    Everytime I try to load MS Word XP, a message prompts that Microsoft Office is being installed with Frontpage. I just cancel it and it loads MS Word, but this has become extremely annoying. Does anyone know the cause and/or the solution?
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    Dial up networking?

    Is it possible to share dial up internet with a wireless router? If so, is it worth it? :nervous:
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    Help me get some payback

    So i frequent this site called asianavenue among many other community sites. And yeah, sometimes people piss you off, but you can ignore them and they'll go away. Enter: the annoying ass that won't go away. He's really starting to bother me and I want some payback...I'm not aiming for physical...
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    Laptop woes

    My laptop was formatted a month ago. Right now, it's probably operating at highly efficient settings. But recently, the laptop wouldn't turn on. At ALL. The battery light just flashes when I plug the laptop to AC power, and will turn on but stay only at a black screen. Is this a hardware...
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    Ipod Shuffle problems

    So yea, my sister handed me a Shuffle a few days ago, said it didn't work. So I plugged it into my laptop and waited for my comp to detect it. Well, the computer didn't detect it, and what's worse, the ipod's not even charging. Since there's no apparant way to open the Shuffle to see what's...
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    How Do I Change my Window's Theme/skin/layout?

    Well question stated above. Are there any skins without bugs? I've done a search no avail.