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  1. AlexK

    9800GT in SLi, what Mobo?

    Hello :) I'm looking to buy two 9800GT cards and put 'em in SLi, but i saw a note on some site that the SLi PCI-Express ports must run at 16x in SLi mode. My current mobo's ports run in 8x mode. Anyone know what mobo in looking for? It's socket 775 Thanks.
  2. AlexK

    Energy calculator for computers.

    Lol i got 249 watts needed.. I have a 400 w powersupply and it says theres no power for additional devices in the free USB-drives.. Hmm?...
  3. AlexK

    No probs m8 :) I just saw that you were using it but i didnt get any feedback.. Like if you...

    No probs m8 :) I just saw that you were using it but i didnt get any feedback.. Like if you wanted me to change anything :)
  4. AlexK

    Yo, heeter what ya think of the sig? . I see that you're using it.

    Yo, heeter what ya think of the sig? . I see that you're using it.
  5. AlexK

    NFS Underground 2 Crashing?

    Hello Osnn :D After installing NFSU2 last night, and playing for a while, i downloaded the 1.2 patch for the game. After i downloaded this patch and set new graphics settings, the game startes crashing when loading the game. Like when i press resume career, it loads the game, then stops doing...
  6. AlexK

    Gaming evolution!

    Lol :D Well its good for me to express myself in english, good lessons before my exam you know? :P
  7. AlexK

    Gaming evolution!

    Thanks for the replies :) Bet definetly keep'em coming ! Its for my english exam, (i live in Denmark) so its my second language, so its nice to get some grammatic-correct(?) answers :D
  8. AlexK

    Gaming evolution!

    shamus i want other people's thoughts about this subject? :)
  9. AlexK

    Gaming evolution!

    Thx carpo.. Can u describe how you think it will be in the future?
  10. AlexK

    Gaming evolution!

    Hello everyone. Im doing a "paper" in school, and i want to know if any of you can tell me how gaming has evolved over the years? Everything you can come up with, post it here :devious: Would be a help!
  11. AlexK

    Firefox Error

    The Nvidia Firewall is something you install with the drivers for your motherboard.. at least i did, the last time. Many people have problems with Nvidia Firewall.. Check post 2# in this link
  12. AlexK

    Tag Editor

    Stamp by NCH maybe? It edits ID3 tags # NCH generally has amazingly good free software.. Like "Switch" ( changes audiofile formats ) i would recommend it.. #
  13. AlexK

    coaxial or optical digital ?

    Yeah i would also go with Optical.. 1 cable instead of 3-4 Coxial cables.. :)
  14. AlexK

    Would like a sig....

    Yeah sure :)
  15. AlexK

    Icon changing gone bad!!

    Gonaads!!! You saved my life :D Thanks mate.. It worked perfectly! Im gratefull!! :)
  16. AlexK

    Icon changing gone bad!!

    Wont i loose everything from that day till now? :S Thats really not an option for me.. :P There MUST be someway i can make an additional action... But i cant see the open / explore commands in " Folder " so i cant copy them to "File Folder" :'(
  17. AlexK

    Icon changing gone bad!!

    The "Easy File Associations For Windows XP" didnt work.. At least not the .bat file.. Ill try to manually alter it :) Thanks. # The Command Prompt didnt work either.. But whats the extenstion for "File Folder"? It's not "Folder" thats messing it up (I THINK!!).. Under the "File Folder"...
  18. AlexK

    CPU Underclocked?

    Try resetting Bios? ( I have no idea, but maybe that will help )
  19. AlexK

    Icon changing gone bad!!

    2# doenst work.. I tried :'( 3# Its not the [None] Folder... Its the [None] File Folder which is the problem.. The only action there is find.. :S
  20. AlexK

    Icon changing gone bad!!

    Hmm, stupid me.. I was fiddling with changing icons.. And messed up File Folder actions in. [My Computer -> Tools -> Folder Options -> File Types] So when i open a folder it automaticly wants to search the folder, ( NOT VIEWING THE CONTENT ) I have to [right click -> Explore / Open], every...