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  1. RagnaroK

    Mininova flattened by Dutch court

    Mininova flattened by Dutch court ? The Register First The Pirate Bay, now Mininova. Who's next?
  2. RagnaroK

    Video card artifacting

    What are the usual causes of video card artifacts? I'm assuming most of it should be the video card itself (GPU, RAM, etc.) but can the CPU, motherboard or system RAM be the cause of artifacts? I ask this because I've just brought a cheap 9800GT and after an uncertain amount of time, the screen...
  3. RagnaroK

    Golf can be a deafening sport

    Random, but interesting.
  4. RagnaroK

    How's everyone?

    I haven't been to or posted on OSNN for at least 4 years, not since it was and whatever it was before that. How's everyone going? Well I hope. :)
  5. RagnaroK

    ATI Catalyst BSODs

    Hi, I dunno what's going on, but ever since I tried installing any Catalyst drivers above 4.5, I've been having BSODs at Windows login startup stating a file "ati2dvag" is stuffing up. You see, after I install the drivers (after a reboot)... as it's about to load the login screen, the...
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    "Delayed Write Failed" error

    Hi, I occasionally get a "Delayed Write Failed" error when a hard drive (placed inside a mobile rack) is plugged into my PCI IDE card. The problem also occurs with other HDDs, not just my one. Suggestions?
  7. RagnaroK

    Dual monitors and taskbar spanning

    Hi, I've been searching everywhere and trying out different things, yet nothing seems to work. My question: Is it possible to span or stretch XP's taskbar across multiple monitors? I know Ultramon adds another taskbar, but I want to stretch the original. Is it possible? Thanks.
  8. RagnaroK

    Weird lag spikes

    Hi, Only recently, when I'm listening to music, or playing games (especially Splinter Cell), or watching AVIs, randomly I get these weird lag spikes where my computer freezes for less than a second... sometimes a bit longer and then just resumes what it was doing. It's quite odd, and I can't...
  9. RagnaroK

    PC sound system advice needed

    Hi, I am thinking of upgrading my sound system, but I want to use the least cash I possibly can (I'm quite strapped when it comes to cash :( ). I've currently got an Epox 8RDA+ running onboard sound (Soundstorm?! but on the Epox website, it states that my board has Realtek ALC650...
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    P2P programs locking net access

    Yo fellow OSNNians, I was recently greeted with a weird problem concerning specific P2P programs I use and them seemingly locking my net access. I wanted to download a few game demos through Azureus (a Java based bittorrent client) and eDonkey2000, but after like about 10 minutes...
  11. RagnaroK

    Dual Monitor Dilemma

    Hi, Ya see, I just finished a dual monitor setup between my HIS IceQ 9800pro, a Mitsubishi Diamond View DV153 15" LCD, and a Samsung Samtron 56E 15" CRT. I can get the dual monitor thingy working fine, but whenever I reboot/shutdown... both monitors work during BIOS and the loading of windows...
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    Childless couple told to try sex Saw this on another forum I visit. Interesting... didn't think that there were still people like that around! :eek: Amazing really… ;)
  13. RagnaroK

    Post your actual desktop!

    Yo guys n girls! I'm curious to see how people set up their computer room/s... So don't be shy and bring out those computer desky piccies!! :D NOTE: No cleaning beforehand is allowed! :p Here's my messy paradise (cheapo webcam): :cool:
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    OCR software

    Yo! Simply request. Anyone recommend any good OCR (optical character recognition) software? :D
  15. RagnaroK

    "Stretch" 300MHz CPUs kill 2GHz counterparts

    Apparently, a new CPU manufacturer just started-up who calls themselves "Stretch", have a 300MHz CPU that can outperform 2GHz competition chips.
  16. RagnaroK

    Teaching a newbie how to use a computer

    Bah... got a predicament here. I need to teach my old man how to use a computer (he's has little to no experience), and I don't have time to actually sit next to him and teach him. Any programs or tutorials I can use to help? Thanks. :cool:
  17. RagnaroK

    Win98se Shutdown Question

    Yo! Just rebuilt an old AMD K6-2 Win98se system, and am wondering why it restarts instead of shutting down. Sorry if this has been discussed before. Thanks.
  18. RagnaroK

    Unofficial Windows98SE Service Pack

    For those who still use Win98se, this should be looked into. ;) Features: 66 hot fixes. Solves 512 MB of RAM problem. 256-color tray. Better Defrag and Scandisk. Better Notepad. Optimized swap file usage. Better WDM and USB support. Windows Scripting Host 5.6. DCOM98 1.3. OLE...
  19. RagnaroK

    Birth of the Sonic Tank?!?,4057,8944543%255E13762,00.html Interesting... well anyone remember playing the game Dune? Remember the Atreides having Sonic Tanks in their arsenal? Well... looks like it's all reality now. :D
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    Front USB ports

    Yo, I've got a case similar to this and I haven't worked out how to plug these front USB ports into the motherboard. The cables themselves don't say much - see attached picture below (sorry about quality) - what I've labelled on the picture is all that is written on the cables. Can anyone help...