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  1. ejn74

    xp pro

    I have a laptop that came with xp pro. I have the key code for it. It is an older laptop that came from family and I did don't have the disks. Is there a safe way to get a xp pro disk so I can reload it? Thanks folks!
  2. ejn74

    8 gig primary partition?

    I have a toshiba laptop that came with win 7, there were three partitions. a) 1.62 gig recovery no drive letter assigned b) 7.92 gig Primary partion no drive letter assigned c) 288 gig C: boot... What is b for? Can I delete it? it looks empty.
  3. ejn74

    looking a program like nero or...

    Roxio for OX 10 that is cheap or free. Thanks.
  4. ejn74

    Firmware ?

    I am wondering where you look for what version the firmware is. It is a G$ power mac running tiger.
  5. ejn74

    Printing, through a xp machine on network

    I am having problems setting up a print share. the printer is on a XP based machine and I would like to get my G3 with X on it to be able to print to it. I think I am having problems with the keychain. Something with permissions I believe. Thanks
  6. ejn74

    New to me G3 tower Have Memory ?

    I just picked up a 450 MHz Power PC G3. What is the max on the memory? I put a 512 stick in and it only sees 256. Is there a way to Flash the Firmware or is 4x256 the max memory for it?
  7. ejn74

    silent startup and shut down

    how do you do it on an older Imac running 10.2.8 Also I am wondering how do I make it so i can see the files on my windows machines? Thanks People!
  8. ejn74

    New to me imac

    I just got a imac running 10.2 on it. Is there a program like netstumbler for macs?
  9. ejn74

    Power Plug

    I picked up a Dell inspirion 1150 for free only problem is that the power plug has been broken off inside. Someone has already had it apart and completely removed it. Does anyone have an idea of the wiring for it to hard wire the power plug to the motherboard? It did work until the battery...
  10. ejn74

    Nothing happens on right click

    When I go into all programs on XP I can't right click it just the menu just blinks.
  11. ejn74

    member status

    Just curious. I thought that from what I've seen that you get moved to elite status at 1000 posts. It has been two weeks and no change. Thanks.
  12. ejn74

    Looking for Tv Tuner Card drivers

    I was given a tuner card to try. They did not have the software to go with it. It is a LG tuner card. I think it is model # Tapc-h701p. At least that is on the sticker on it the # below that is 007A1203. The part # is 7031991201, the Serial # is 21040011200. That is about all I know about...
  13. ejn74


    Xandros install Problem I am in the process of loading Xandros 4.o Home Premium right now on another machine. Does anyone have any good tips or info for Xandros? It will be a dual boot. between XP and Xandros. Thanks!! Ran into a problem. after install, reboot all I get is 07 07 07...
  14. ejn74

    Looking for RDRAM

    I just picked up a Dell Dimension 8100 for free. Does anyone know or have a good price on the Rambus memory? Also wondering if the processor can be upgraded. Thanks
  15. ejn74

    problem linking three computers

    I have 3 computers. one laptap(XP home) and 2 desktops(xp pro and 2K). the one with 2k on it is my fileserver. It is connected through the other desktop which is connected to the router wirelessly. is there a way to make it possible to get the laptop to see the fileserver. The Desktop that...
  16. ejn74

    Keeping personal Journal on thumb drive

    I was wondering if there is a program out there for keeping a journal that could be put on a thumb drive and is free.
  17. ejn74

    Dell inspirion 2650 memory died

    Can anyone tell me where Dimm A is on the Dell Inspirion 2650 laptop. I found B on the underside but dimm a I have know idea. I want to max it out as dimm b went bad. A is 128 would like to up it to 2 X 256 to max it out. Edit: I found it it is under the keyboard.
  18. ejn74

    questionable file

    Does anyone know what kind of file a .ram is? There is a badger.ram file on the desk to of the wife's laptop.
  19. ejn74

    Happy Birthday Falconguard!!

    My this day be a blessed one for you!! Have a Very Happy Birthday!!
  20. ejn74

    Question on setting up vista

    I currently dual boot winXP and Suse 9.3 using the bootloader for Suse. I would like to just add vista and make it triple boot. Does anyone know if running through the install of Vista will change the bootloader to what vista uses or would the Suse Bootloader still be the one in use?