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    Happy Thanksgiving

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    DirectX 10 For Windows XP.

    lol, you sound like you expect it being illegal to stop them from doing it :P if they cared about its legality, they wouldn't even have tried it.
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    Best Free Video Players

    besides the CCCP there is also the Ace Mega Codecs Pack. its pretty much the same as the CCCP, except from a different group of people. i liked its splitter a lot more then ffdshow though. the last time i checked, it didn't have h264 support like the CCCP. but, i have also seen some video...
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    10 freeware alternatives to WinRAR and WinZip

    yes and no. when you download it off the site, your downloading a 30 day demo. however, this demo has ALL the features of the full program. after the 30 days is up, nothing gets disabled. you still have full use of everything in the program. the only thing that happens is that a small pop...
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    64bit or 32bit?

    as i understand it, apple is being stubborn and refuses to make them 64bit compatible. same with quicktime, which also wont work on a 64bit system.
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    Computer Shops Fail Undercover Test

    this is why i never have other people fix my computers. there really is no excuse for that. a ram problem is pretty easy to figure out based on the symptoms and if anything should be the first thing to test if a computer is suddenly acting erratically. in my opinion anyway. but then, chances...
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    Yodm 3D - 3D Desktop for Windows XP and Vista

    nice. these things work with multiple monitor setups? would the result be 4 desktops that take up both monitors? would each monitor have 4 desktops for a total of 8 desktops? i'd download it and try it, but there is no way in hell i'm going threw that ungodly annoying verification...
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    10MBS cable line !!

    using verizon dsl currently. will give them a call and see about that safe mode stuff. yea, i was wrong in calling it FiOS since thats what verizon calls there fiber optic internet. i don't know for a fact who is putting the fiber optic lines in here, but the management of the estates said it...
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    64bit or 32bit?

    i've used 64bit xp since it was released. also used 64bit vista for a year. didn't have a single issue with either. had no compatibility issues with gaming, drivers, or other programs that i wanted to use. i think the only reason a lot of companies still support 32bit and aren't trying to...
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    10 freeware alternatives to WinRAR and WinZip

    i've always just used winrar. avoid the nag screens by not opening the program itself. turn on the menu options and just right click files to compress them or right click archives to uncompress them. no having to deal with the registration reminder.
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    Which Is The Fastest?

    hmm...which is fastest. what i use depends on what i'm looking for. i use utorrent for most things. movies, programs, tv shows, etc. i use emule for individual songs and stuff thats harder to find and get from the various torrent trackers i visit. i'm sure all of those will be the same speed...
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    What's your uptime?

    i rebooted over the weekend when i was rearranging and reorganizing my pc desk area. so only 3 days of uptime for me. same with my game server pc. usually the only things to turn off either of the PCs is power outages, both will be on for months at a time.
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    May 2008 Desktop Screenshots

    here's my desktop. click the pic to get the full 2560x1024 pic
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    DirectX 10 For Windows XP.

    i'd download it to check it out, but the download link is broken.
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    10MBS cable line !!

    only get 1.5mb/375kb here. what really sucks about it is that we're paying for 3mb/768kb. but you know how it is "speed and uninterrupted service not guaranteed" in other words 'we can limit your speed all we want to and blame it on the lines and you can't do anything about it' thankfully a...
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    Amd Vs Intel

    to be honest i don't know why people put so much emphasis on there cpu. threw out the years i've had amd based computers and intel based computers. i noticed no difference between them. even currently, i went to look on one of my pcs to see its specs and didn't even realize it was using an...
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    when should you use 64 bit....?

    oh please. TONS of stuff is compatible with 64bit. i've only used 64bit for all PCs in my house since 64bit xp came out and the only thing that i have found to not work is Apple's Quicktime player since they refuse to make it compatible with 64bit windows systems.