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  1. greggustin

    how can I determine the IP of a remote server

    we are running an online collaboration program we all connected through a remote server (there are several in the option box - but they are listed by name only) is there a program that I can run on my local computer vista 64 that will list my remote connection IP addresses?
  2. greggustin

    which HD is which ??

    I have 4 HD, and I want to remove one and add a SSD (to load my games faster :laugh:) how can I tell which HD is attached to which cable??? (without simply removing one at a time) I do have the mapping from my partition program 1 = c 2 = f/g/h 3 = k 4 = o/p thanks
  3. greggustin

    replace router with HUB

    my router crashed (well - the computers on LAN see other, but not the NET) so, until I can get a new Router - can I use a Hub to connect LAN to DSL Modem?
  4. greggustin

    networking ok only in safe mode

    things used to be fine 3 home computer #1 MY XP home #2 son XP home #3 son Vista 64 after trying filezilla server on MY cpu (XP) - lost networking uninstalled File Zilla Server ( did not work anyway) #2 and #3 still ok (to each other) #1 can still see #2 (not #3) #2 and #3 can NOT see #1 ...
  5. greggustin

    winXP startup floppy - cannot access C drive

    corputed file = no winXP disk this would be easy if Gateway gave me a WinXP CD . . . instead they gave me a recovery CD with WinXP embedded which will reformat the whole HD if used - IDIOTS anyway I have a corrupted file (I get this message on startup) "c:\windows\system32\config\system" is...
  6. greggustin

    safe mode only

    wish I had more details friend has laptop win XP claims she added no new programs, or downloads boot up - blue screen (not BSD) then Gateway splash page then MS dos page (ie the standard select boot page eg: normal, safe, etc) safe works ok but every reboot - back to same DOS page tried system...
  7. greggustin

    google docs

    whenever I try to Download a file (Word or Excel) google docs intercepts it how canI stop this?
  8. greggustin

    PowerPoint Slide Show on Display #2

    whether I run a PPS or slide show from with PPT it runs on monitor #2 and runs with bad video sync signals (ie too tall - cannot see bottom of image) how can I direct it to display #1?
  9. greggustin

    toooooooooooooo many msp files

    my pal has a laptop he has 27 GB of MSP files (in 40 GB HD) looks like they are executing every month he says he is not doing anything how can we get rid of these?
  10. greggustin

    outlook 2000 compatible with 2003?

    I upgraded my desktop to 2003 and still have my legal version of office 2000 in the box Just built a new laptop if I load the office 2000 on the Laptop will it be compatible with 2003 PST and contact folders?
  11. greggustin

    ie7 - should I get it?

    just rebuilt a broken laptop doing all the upgrades from MS it has winxp pro sp2 on the restore CDs one suggested fix was IE7 I use firefox 2.0 any reason/benefit to Ie7?
  12. greggustin

    how do you stop a spammer in forum posts

    I added a Captcha then added "get user IP" but he logs in from a different IP each time (not even the same main group) so I cannot even block a range of IP ideas?
  13. greggustin

    outlook - not importing ALL names from Excel file

    this is nuts basic excel file with normal columns (eg company, first, last , phone, cell, etc) I can import 300 of 360 records? no rhyme or reason as to ones that are not importing where can I go for info? (hehe - nit the help section please)
  14. greggustin

    Outlook Contatcs - how can you do a 2nd sort

    in excel, you can sort on column X, then xx, then xxx in Contacts, you click on the column tilte (eg last name) but would be nice if you could do a secondary sort (eg on first name) how?
  15. greggustin

    Outlook - adding nicknames to Contacts - how?

    I just realized that I have nearly 100 names in my 'nickname' folder (wherever that is) :rolleyes: these are the names that appear when auto compete is enabled and you start a new email and most of them are NOT in my Contacts file yes, I know, I can make NEW email, with the nickname in the TO...
  16. greggustin

    making audio CD

    well . . . I do not listen to that much music buy I have tons of audio CD over the years and just starting ripping them to my HD so easy . . .using media player 10 and even made a few playlist to enjoy while working on own system but I cannot find a help menu in media player 2 things I want to...
  17. greggustin

    Should I install SP2 for Windows XP?

    well - I always hate to fix what AIN'T broke I still use SP1 good or bad idea?
  18. greggustin

    is this post ok? = have so much old stuff to sell

    sorry - not posting an ad here but just asking how/where I have dozens of OLD PC boards (audio/graphics/modems/MB etc - even hard drives and few cases) there must be some place to sell these things to salvage the gold? had no real luck on Google I know it is also bad just to send to the dump...
  19. greggustin

    480 Mbs vs 100 LAN

    hmmm guess I am confused which is faster? external USB 2.o HD vs Firewire 400 vs LAN Drive
  20. greggustin

    outlook 2003 - help with 'nicknames'

    in the "to" fields, I get auto-complete only if I enter in the first few of the actual email address, but NOT the person's name or nickname (which I believe is display name as) this seems odd, and frustrating eg bob johnson,, mr Bob Johnson I have to enter BJ into the "to field" I...