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    How to force computer to lock without screen saver when idle?

    How to force computer to lock without screen saver when idle? I want all the computers on the network to be have this way when and if possible.
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    IPSec communications not allowing users to login

    IPSec it seens might be what is causing our 2 NAS Servers not to talk to each other. Scenario 1. NAS in Town all users can connect to it. 2. NAS in Country only Town users can connect to it via the network. Now when Country tries to connect to the NAS they are unable to. How ever if they...
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    Help needed with NAS to NAS replication not working anymore

    Update: Our Country NAS allows us to write and create a file. The only way we can log in though is to constantly ping it for a reply. It makes no sense to us. We have 2 Dell Tower Vaults for our NAS. If this helps.
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    Help needed with NAS to NAS replication not working anymore

    Hello, Currently I have 2 NAS systems. 1 NAS in Town and 1 NAS in a Country area of Hawaii. These Nas use a File Replication Service to cause each NAS to Mirror each other. We have been using this for about 4 years without issue. Recently out Network guy quit and this problem happened a few...
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    Question about how SSD Drives

    I recently installed a SSD drive for my friends computer. It was a intel based SSD drive i connected using the Sata Ports on his mother board. I remember it was listed at 100MB Read and Write which to me was great. How ever how come I see this and other drives like it that are 120gb SSD...
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    HELP new user account runs slow... rebuilt NTuser.dat

    Created a new user account. Tested it on workstation and noticed long wait times trying to login. I was able to login but the wait times are 30-60 min to load desktop etc for user. I then login with my user profile and others and they all load just fine. My local admin accounts all work...
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    Outlook 2007 or 2010 and Hotmail

    Update: It downloaded all my emails in my inbox but it never downloaded my other folders i created in hotmail that show via the website.
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    Outlook 2007 or 2010 and Hotmail

    I will give it another try with your settings above again and hope for the best.
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    Outlook 2007 or 2010 and Hotmail

    I try with outlook connector and so far no luck. It used to work then i format my computer and problem started. Just to be safe I even paid for the Hotmail Plus $20 a year option. Still the accounts wont load in my outlook. Any suggestions?
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    Outlook 2007 or 2010 and Hotmail

    Nope it wont work. I can't figure out how to download all the folders I have in my hotmail and sync it with outlook 2007 or 2010.
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    Outlook 2007 or 2010 and Hotmail

    How do I setup my Hotmail to sync with my outlook as well as list all my various hotmail created folders as well? I tried various things and so far can't get the folders to also list and sync in outlook 2007 and outlook 2010. Any help would be great! Thanks, PSX
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    Office 2007 how to file contacts question

    In office 2007 I create a contact. I have various categories. My question is how do I create one such as "ABC COMPANY" and file contact John Doe under that company so I can pull up all company members by looking up the company? Thank You,
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    How to question related to Hard Drives

    I have a question. I recently scanned my HD's and notice one with a 4KB bad block. I did chkdsk /r and it rebooted did its thing and on another scan still says 4kb in BAD SECTORS. What are my options from here to solve that issue? Does this mean my HD will die? Is there any options to fix...
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    Windows Server 2003 iis unable to install Office 2007 Update

    I keep getting this error " Powerpoint 2007 KB982158 failed" etc on Anyone ever have this issue before? I am unable to apply this security fix. Any suggestions or solutions? Thank You, Mathew
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    How to find your WSUS Server?

    UPDATE: I found the WSUS server through our GPO and now I want to know how to disable the WSUS server? Anyone know how to?
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    How to find your WSUS Server?

    Is there a way or area I can look on a computer to find the WSUS computer? I need to disable it as the updates have maxed out a HD here and I am trying to find it. An existing network that was setup before I worked here and my boss wants to have that server disabled on the computer I am at as it...
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    Help with server and network configuration and possibly domain name on computer

    Hello, Recently our company purchased a hotspot software called Antamedia Hot Spot. Below is a link to the software. My company informed me that they want to use our existing connection and not purchase a second cable connection to perform this task and run the software. I have read through...
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    Help with outlook 2002

    I was able to resolve it. In the end it was a server issue. She can receive but cant send pdf attachments. I rebooted and it works fine I just need to reboot every day. No clue why this happens with just pdf and a reboot solves it. Any suggestions or answers I would love to hear it.
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    Help with outlook 2002

    I have a outlook 2002 box for my wife and I am unable to send .pdf files. I can send and receive everything just fine. Anytime I send a .pdf they don't get the file ever. I don't see a blocked message. What do I do to resolve this? I havent used outlook 2002 in ages. Thank You Mathew
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    Windows XP in windows 7

    Thanks just tested that out... any word on how to group the opened programs together? Thanks btw for the info and helping me out!