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  1. jan

    Font managers

    Hi guys, Does anybody know of a font manager that will distinguish between diff kinds of fonts and seperate them for you? I currently have Suitcase and Font Expert. And I have about 1.5G of fonts. (Not installed of course) Id like to put the diff kinds of fonts into seperate folders for easier...
  2. jan

    music file editor/decompiler

    Anyone know of a music file editor and/or decompiler? I know that XT is a FastTracker Music Track extension. Tryin to edit an XTF file. Actually its not for me, but a friend of mine. Thanks. :)
  3. jan

    Uploading avi's

    Anybody know good places to upload small avi's (up to 20mb.) where I can simply copy/paste the link provided to it, so that others can simply click on the link to view the same?
  4. jan

    About Laptops ...

    I was jus wonderin a few things about notebook computers. What is a notebook with "dedicated graphics"? Do any of them come with PCI Express vid cards? Whats a good size monitor to get with one that would have good pixelation to view graphics in PhotoShop? Do any of them come with a...
  5. jan

    Duplicate font remover

    Anybody know of a proggy that detects duplicate fonts in a folder and gives you the option of removing them? I have one folder w/about 1.3G of fonts all alphabetically divided. I use akFontViewer and Typograf now. I am trying Font Expert 2004 trial but I dont know if the reg v. works for that...
  6. jan

    Updated Graphix an Stuff

    Hey guyz. Jes ta let everyone know that we have jus updated Graphix an Stuff! to IPB 2.0. Also have a new skin. Check us out if you havent had a chance. :cool: PC tweakin, gamin, graphics design, world news an shootin the bull. Do stop in an tell us what you think or jus to say hello.
  7. jan

    Another PS forum starting up ...

    Hey all. We've jus started another PS type of forum (well not me actually, but a friend of mine ) jus about a couple a weeks ago.So there is not too much happenin there yet, but feel free to pop by an take a quick look around(offer any suggestions or jus kick your feet up for a while.).It should...
  8. jan

    COD single player cheat

    I remember somebody posted the cheat that you enter into the property target for the cheats to be enabled a while back on this board.It worked great for me.I recently had to reformat and lost it.Ive tried a couple of the "cheat" sites but they didnt work.Anybody got the one that works?
  9. jan

    Anyone know this font?

    Here it is ...
  10. jan

    Safemode for HP machine?

    HELLLPP! I went into msconfig an unclicked all the start up items. Eeeek!!! How do I get into safe mode on a Hewlitt Packard machine w/win 98? I tried the F keys. F1 takes me to set up (the bios)