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  1. andy_rose

    August 2009 Desktop Screenshots

    Vista desk.
  2. andy_rose

    XP&Vista dualbooting Question

    Hi fellow members and friends. Ok, I have searched up, down, here and there and cant find any decent answers to my problem. First off I installed xp. Then I installed Vista SP1 on a new partition. So far so good. XP was my C drive, while Vista is my D drive. And when I boot up my comp I get an...
  3. andy_rose

    We got a son!

    Ok, we have a daughter who is almost 3 years now, but the 16 of August we got a boy..and since I'm a BIG Elvis fan, his name will be Brage Aron Sebastiian.(Elvis died 16.August 1977...30 years ago, and his middle name was Aron) I am so proud of him, and he is just amasing! Me and him...
  4. andy_rose

    SLI with 2 cards

    OK, so with my newly purchased rig, I got 2 geforce 8600GT cards and sat up to use as SLI. I have enabled it on my motherboard(ASUS P5N-E SLI) and also via nvidias drivers. Problem is I cant see any difference in games.? Also there is an option in Nvidias control panel under 3D-settings named...
  5. andy_rose

    Tune-Up Utilities vs Ace Utilities

    As the title says, what is the best? I've never been a fan of these all-in one apps as they usually is just a bunch of crap. But after trying Tune-up, I have found myself installing it every time I did a fresh install. The app is really nice, and does what it says without breaking your computer...
  6. andy_rose

    Memory\RAM problems.

    Yo yo guys :) I have a problem here. You see, I went out and bought some more ram ddr 512 mb) for my abit bd711. I already have 1 gig ram, but thought I needed some more with Vista installed. Anyway, the mortherboard have 3 slots, and is capable of 2 gig ram. Now to my problem, I have placed the...
  7. andy_rose

    Need some help with my new LCD monitor

    Ok, so I bought a new 19' Eizo flex scan M1900 LCD screen. As you know the standard res for lcd screens is 1280*1024. As you hopefully can see in the screenshot ( ) the sircles get stretched. Even the back\forward...
  8. andy_rose

    Chinese Democracy Starts Now

    It’s confirmed: Guns n’ Roses are coming to Rock in Rio-Lisboa to headline the 2nd day, May 27th. And with this confirmation, all World Stage headliners are now known. The Axl Rose led band is responding to the thousands of fans who asked the band to come through the official site of the...
  9. andy_rose

    >god Damn

    I'm 34. Pretty crazy. And GN'R "slippe d" 2 demos today. They got taken away an hour after the leak..but I got it! Happy b-day to me:D
  10. andy_rose

    Funny Kitties

    Hope this hasnt been posted here.. Funny kitties (2.71MB wmv) thanx to nXP_151
  11. andy_rose

    Bush: George Hu??

    Fiction or not, this made me almost pee on myself :D :D (We take you now to the Oval Office.) George: Condi! Nice to see you. What's happening? Condi: Sir, I have the report here about the new leader of China. George: Great. Lay it on me. Condi: Hu is the new leader of China...
  12. andy_rose

    Thoughts on Norton AV 2003

    well, I just reformatted..(again..LOL) and figured I'd give NAv 2003 a go. But I found out that the IM feature is kinda annoying,cuz when it is enabled Norton signs in on the service at startup. And I have windows messenger to NOT load at startup, so when I then start windows messenger I get a...
  13. andy_rose

    Download "problem"

    I think it's been answered before, but I couldnt find it. On some sites..lets say, when I click to download something, IE doesent give me the option to save to disk and specify which folder to download to. It just start to download to the temp folder. How do I get back the option to...
  14. andy_rose

    Windows media player 9

    well, looks like 9 is out with an alpha. got some new nifty features.havent downloaded it yet myself, but here's the link for all u guys.....WMP9
  15. andy_rose

    Exellent xp sevice guide

    Found THIS over at neowin, thought i should share it all u guys and gals.Def. the best xp service guide i've seen to date.Be careful a system restore before u start messing with these..eventhough the guide is simple and good excplained, it is better to be on the safe side..right...
  16. andy_rose

    LMFAO..spidey dancing...

    hehe,dunno if this been posted before, but here ya go.. never knew spiderman was really a backstreet boy fan..LOL Check it out...
  17. andy_rose

    About Icon Phile..

    Been looking high and low for some proggies that lets u change the run and the search icon in the start menu. i came over icon phile, but the icons wont change..any ideas?? I tried to rebuild the icon cache and all to no avail. I downloaded the newest one that said it has xp-support..any help...
  18. andy_rose

    stone temple pilots

    ok, so i just love their music..u know when u just feel that the lyrics are ment to only you..i'm prob. in the wrong thread...just..listen to them...thats all...hey u doin'?..hehe..ok, i'm rambeling...anybody else have a favorite band(music) that just means everything??
  19. andy_rose

    i feel sorry for this guy

    found this at another forum. someone is messing with a newbie on irc. Having fun with poor newbie who thinks hes being hacked... Round I: [19:29] <ErrorFroz> i think i am getting hacked. my modem lights are flashing... [19:30] <SirGoblin> ErrorFroz: see all the cables behind your...
  20. andy_rose


    ok, i have cursor xp 1.1 installed, but it has a bug. i use a mouse with a scroll wheel and sometimes the cursor just dissapears when visiting web sites. kinda annoying, and yes i have turned off the autohide feature. anyone having the same problems?