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  1. Kr0m

    Things that make you go hmmm....

    I was messing around with Google Chrome and checking to see how it works with it's own services it provides and discovered that their toolbar is not compatible with it... :laugh:
  2. Kr0m

    Help with BIOS settings

    I posted this over at the OCZ forums but I'll post here as well in hopes of a quicker response time hehe.... I just upgraded my motherboard, cpu, ram (AMD 4400+, PC3200 ddr400 to Intel e8400, PC8500 DDR21066) and I noticed that my values don't seem to read 'as advertised'. I've messed around...
  3. Kr0m

    LG Shine 8700

    I picked up this phone yesterday (after not having a cell for probably 3-4 years), it took some research but I managed to get custom ringtones working via Computer > USB > Phone. I'm basically posting this information for future reference in case anyone is looking for help...
  4. Kr0m

    NFL says NO Gigantic screans for you!

    I'm posting this in the Funny Farm section since it made me laugh... The NFL has been disallowing churches to show the superbowl on their huge screens. Apparently it's illegal to show the superbowl games for gatherings on screens larger than 55", here's what made me laugh: sports bars are...
  5. Kr0m

    WTB: Socket 478 Motherboard

    My Asus P4P800S-X crapped out over the weekend. I've done a bit of searching on the usual online retailers but since these things are dated, it's hard to find a new one. I was hoping someone on here had one collecting dust in their closet that is in good working order and willing to part with...
  6. Kr0m

    UrbanTerror 4.1: December 22nd

    URL: Media: Movies:,4633.0.html Resources: **NOTE: This game has a standalone / FREE version now (Q3A no longer needed)**
  7. Kr0m

    Join Date:

    How the time flies... Does this include time spent on too? :) It doesn't seem like's been around for at least 6 years.
  8. Kr0m


    What do people recommend? I've got a family member bugging me about the best deals and brands and personally, I don't know that much about them. I told him to probably stick to Toshiba ($699-$899 range) locally. He's mentioned Acer laptops which I haven't seen to many people with. Any friends...
  9. Kr0m

    New Releases

    What do people use for sites or RSS feeds to keep tabs on new music that's released or soon to be released?
  10. Kr0m

    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Demo

    All I can say is... amazing. I Loved the previous versions of Call of Duty and just from the first 10 mins I spent with this demo.... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Demo runs well, it's intense, loud and frantic! (PS: my system specs are P4 2.53 GHZ, 1 Gig Pc3200 Ram, Radeon x1650 512MB, LG 19"...
  11. Kr0m

    ATI Catalyst 7.10

    Another set of drivers out. (Hopefully these ones won't leave the AGP users in the dark like previous versions have :( )
  12. Kr0m

    PC and a TV

    I'm new to this sort of setup. I scored an old 27" Samsung TV today for free for my room so I'm messing around with it via Video Out with my Radeon. I've got everything working, I'm just wondering what the optimum settings should be? Here's what I've got: Samsung 27" TV ATI Radeon x1650 AGP...
  13. Kr0m

    Any spider enthusiasts on here?

    I've spent a bit of time looking for what type of spider I found in the garage today (relatives seen it outside the day before). Normally, the biggest I've ever seen is about the size of a quarter or a tad larger. This one is definitely a different species and a hell of a lot bigger than ones we...
  14. Kr0m

    WLM: Emoticons

    Does anyone know which directory emoticons & such are stored while using Windows Live Messenger?
  15. Kr0m

    EA Games & Widescreen

    Anyone know if there's a manual way to edit some sort of config file in order to get a resolution for widescreen LCD (ie: 1440x900) related to most of the EA games out there? Currently I have BF2 (plus expansions), BF2142, NHL 2007 & Tiger Woods 2007 amd so far, I haven't been able to find any...
  16. Kr0m

    Urban Terror 4.0

    What is Urban Terror? Urban Terror is a realism based "total conversion mod" for Quake III Arena. Urban Terror is a completely free add-on to id Software's Quake III Arena. **Note** With the release of 4.0 came a stand-alone version which means you no longer need Quake 3 in order to play...
  17. Kr0m

    Upgrade or wait?

    I'm wondering if there's anyone on here with similar system specs that has made the jump from XP to Vista. I know my system will run it but is it worth the upgrade or should I wait til after a service pack or until I upgrad motherboard/cpu etc.. (Also, has anyone had any difficulties with...
  18. Kr0m

    AVG Anti-Spyware

    I'm curious as to whether or not someone from here has actually bothered trying this program yet? Free & Commercial Versions Available here:
  19. Kr0m

    Windows Live Messenger: Options Request

    Hmm, I thought maybe this program would have this option already, it's a fairly important one but I can't seem to find it... How in the world do you turn off auto-accept a group conversation? If you can't do this, I think you should have a dialogue window asking you to accept a 'group chat...
  20. Kr0m

    Tiger Woods 2007

    I've recently been in contact with EA Support over an issue I've been having with getting TW2007 to load after it loaded successfully after playing it for about a week. I even went as far as try it on a 2nd PC and it did the same thing, the game loaded a few times and then the same issue with...