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  1. dreamliner77

    How about an updated XP for 2019?

  2. dreamliner77

    WD Sentinel DX4000 drive compatibility

    I'm just going to leave this here as after about a week of pulling my hair out and finding very little information regarding the Western Digital Sentinel DX4000 and using drives that may or may not be on their compatibility list, I was finally able to figure out how to add drives to the NAS. In...
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    Windows 10 CIFS/SMB file sharing borked?

    Hey all! I know it's fairly dead around here but I thought I'd ask if anyone has dug deep into Windows 10 file sharing. My situation: I have an LG BD390 blu ray player that supports CIFS/SMB(1). I have historically shared my media drive and been able to access this drive; no problems on XP...
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    Windows 7 Windows Update

    Has anyone been having problems installing Windows updates on Windows 7? For the last couple of days I've been able to see that I have 16 updates waiting but when I go to install them the progress bar just hangs at 0%. This is on two separate workstations. I even let one sit trying to...
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    Goodbye XP

    Just thought I'd give a shout out since today is the last day that XP is officially supported. I know many, if not all, of us came here in the days because of issues with XP. I know I wound up here after first trying to install the infamous Devil's Own version back in Sept 2001...
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    Hey, just dropping by to say hi. Hope everyone had a great holiday season. -dreamliner77
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    PSU fried?

    So I have a Silverstone ST50F in one of my builds. I bought this PSU shortly after it hit market (about 6.5 years ago, I think). It's been through two hardware revisions and is currently powering a AMD 960T unlocked to 6 cores on an Asus mobo, 2 hard drives, 1 SSD, 2 optical drives and a USB...
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    Web host

    Short story: I currently have 1and1 for a web host for 3 domains split across one hosting package. I pay $9.95/mo for 250gb of space and supposedly unlimited traffic. The last 6 weeks or so I've been getting bombarded by sales calls from them so it's time for me to move on. Can anyone...
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    Domain registration/transfer

    I needed to transfer a registered .com domain. I don't need hosting for it right now. Who is the best/cheapest to do this?
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    How to replace Gateway W350A (T-1625) CMOS battery

    I just thought I'd leave this here as I couldn't find an answer anywhere on the net. On a Gateway W350A (T-1625) the CMOS battery is a CR1220. It is located internally next to the headphone and mic jacks. Remove the keyboard and the media button panel. Remove all the screws from the...
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    Windows Search

    Running Win 7 x64. C: is SSD, D:, E: and F: are HDD storage. Windows search only searches C:. Indexing is turned on for D, E and F. Disabled on C:. Turning it on doesn't make a difference. I've tried all the solutions mentioned in this thread with no luck. Also, the registry key...
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    Outlook 2007 and multiple email addresses

    I just did a clean install with Windows 7 and Office 2007. Previously in Windows XP / Office 2007, I had had one pst file and had 3 main email accounts set up that all shared the same inbox, sent folder, and deleted items folder. I then used rules to route incoming mail to individual folders...
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    Happy 2012!

    Happy New Year everyone! Now let's get this place rockin' in the new year
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    Annoying systems sounds problem in XP

    I have system sounds switched to "No Sounds" in control panel but I'm still getting the little clicky sound when opening folders. Any help?
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    Disk I/O questions

    Hey all, I just made the jump to running Windows 7 as the only OS on one of machines (2 months ago). I had run 7 as a VM for a while before that. A couple of quick questions: Does Win7 see a benefit from moving the pagefile to a separate physical drive? Perris, do you have any insight? How...
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    XP: Unable to open folder contents across network

    Hey all... I have my main pc in my living room with all my media on it. I currently have 3 drives C, D and E. I also have a computer in my bedroom that I use for audio production but also use to watch movies at night. I also have a LG BD390 Blu Ray in my living room that is hardwired to my...
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    Ugh... semi new build woes

    This is kind of a follow up from this thread here: So here's what I have now: AMD X2 6000+ (Brisbane) ASUS M4A785-M 4x1GB Wintec AmpX DDR2-800 Samsung F1 500GB (boot drive) Samsung F3 1TB (storage) BenQ...
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    Weird (possible) video card issue

    Ok, it looks like tomorrow I will be pulling this particular machine apart and rebuilding. It's a 4 year old machine that I use for video and music in my bedroom. Specs are as follows: AMD 6100+ Biostar Tforce 550SE mobo Asus ATI 1650 with stock fanless cooler Turtle Beach Santa Cruz Sound...
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    Storage methodologies explained

    A pretty good example ;)
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    New hard drive question (4k)

    I'm looking at buying a few new hard drives, particularly the new Samsung 2TB F4 drives: - SAMSUNG Spinpoint F4 HD204UI 2TB 5400 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive This, as well as the WD EARS drives, use the new 4k addressing. So yeah, I know I need to...